Tuesday, October 28, 2003


++ OOPS I DID IT (for the first time). ah. you sick perverted minds. no. not that. (as if i'd tell you anyway.) i forgot the camera was on and changed in front of the camera. although there are no incriminating photos out as the camera only takes a picture every 15 seconds and the 2 seconds i was sans pants was not one of those magic 15 seconds. drat. well, actually good for me. maybe next time. ++

Sunday, October 26, 2003


++WEBPAGE UPDATED. new movie section added with crummy small, pixelated shaky footage all shoddily brought together by yours truly. and the page its on isn't much better. i might have well of had a 6 year old design it, then do it, and post it. no, that would probably be too good. maybe 4 year old is closer. anyway, its there. said.uc.edu/students/blackbjy/movies/movie.html ++

Saturday, October 25, 2003


++ GREAT BEARCAT RUN 5K. so i ran it today. and i haven't run at all or even thought of or considered running since last year's homecoming bearcat run. train? nah. so of course i thought i'd do it. you know. just for kicks. my last years time was 23:55. i'm not quite sure what i ran this year as they didn't have a clock out there, but i know i ran 6:55 at the end of the first mile and 14:58 at the end of the second mile. i also know that 5k=5kilometers=3.1miles. i also was passed around 1.25 miles by an old old school friend, 6 year old soccer team, chris camfield, who also used to run for uc's track and cross country team. i caught up with him about 1.5 miles and we ran together (and walked together) for most of the remainder of the race. its nice to see old faces. (oh yeah and i beat him.) ++

Thursday, October 23, 2003


++ BOWLING (NOT FOR COLUMBINE). high game last night: 178. highest score ever! the other two scores were 156 and 148. team score last night for 5 people without handicap was 697, with handicap 1020. not bad for a bunch of 6th years. ++

Monday, October 20, 2003


++ WEBCAM SPOTTED. at jay's house. in jay's room. thats right. he now has a webcam. or rather an isight. no, he has not given in to the evils of apple and mac, but yes he did by another apple product. he is not a traitor. please don't call him that. the new isight is not really a webcam. its more a video conferencing meant to be used with others who have purchased the way too expensive camera. to turn it into sort of a webcam i had to use a third party software in order to capture images. every 4 seconds it captures an image and uploads it to my website. then i have a webpage which automatically refreshes every 5 seconds, so in theory there is a new picture every 5 seconds. but i'm not quite sure what the problem is, but it doesn't always load up the picture. maybe the jpg is too large or something or the network isn't fast enough. i'm not quite sure. anyway, i got it up and running in a few hours of messing around with it and i'm pretty stoked. i do notice however that its pretty boring. its probably more cool to visit cornell's website of our studio, university of cincinnati senior architecture studio, pod 3. said.uc.edu/students/cornelmg/portfolio/webcam.html ++

Friday, October 17, 2003


++ LIFE CODE. honesty. integrity. truth. trust. communication. life. love. why?

honesty: be honest with yourself, not to others. are you living your life for yourself?

integrity: without this there is nothing else. why do it or say it if you don't mean it? who are you trying to please or fit in with, someone else or yourself?

truth: whats the use of lying? to try to make something right which is wrong? do it right in the first place and there is no need to lie. trust: the roots of friendship. its sacred. once broken, you can never be as you were. scars heal, but slowly and with time, never replacing, but trying again.

communication: there is no need to live your life by yourself. it doesn't mean you have to be a social butterfly. find your crowd. the ones who think like you and live like you. they don't bend to meet you. you don't bend to meet them. it is.

life: its why we're here. just be. it's why we live. live it. it's why we experience. experience with all senses. it's sacred. it's short. live. don't be a spectator to your own life.

love: if you can love yourself, you can love anyone or anything. love yourself above all. love with all your heart, all your mind, and all your soul and nothing else will matter. ++

Monday, October 13, 2003


++ FINSIHED "A MILLION LITTLE PIECES" by james frey last night. if you haven't heard about it or read it, i highly recommend it. it is a story about an addict to everything. honest. brutal. entrancing. intense. amazing. about hate. rage. fury. friendship. understanding. enemies. integrity. honesty. and above all love. love of the body. of the mind. of the soul. of survival. of another person. of friendship. of the will to live. a story which will resonate with me for .. ever. ++