Monday, December 18, 2006


++ WHY DOES LIFE throw such obstacles and hurdles at us? Is it not enough to have to try to live your own life? It would seem that everything we do affects someone else whether mean for it to or not. Actions and words speak louder than we even know...sometimes it hurts...more than we even know.++

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


++ HAS IT REALLY been this long since I last posted? hm. yeah i guess that sounds about right. and what did i post about last time? that's right. another year ... and another move. this one is however a move of a larger capacity, a larger magnitude if you will. i'll give you the whole story of the past eight months in one long run on sentance / paragraph. i moved from the cannery to the hawthorne school apartments where i reside with the same roommate that i had at the cannery however it was cheaper to live here and just as great (if not better) of a place so we moved here where i still ride my bike to work every morning and only drive my car to play soccer which has since moved from indoor three times a week to outdoor just one time a week which is a nice break from work which has been ridiculously fun, but at the same time consuming as we have a lot of work but not enough qualified people, not to say they aren't qualified to do what they do, because they do do what they do very well its just that they don't have as much experience as they would need to do what they do better or to do more than what they do now which is fine because that creates more work for me which is also fine except that i've been involved with several professional organizations which take up the rest of my time after work but thats fine also because its nice to be busy, however it looks like, no wait, i'm positive i'm going to have a mini vacation in the form of driving across country (yet again) because as of yesterday i put in my notice to leave my present job because the day before that i accepted a job in seattle, washington, so as of june 22 i will be temporarily collecting no money for a week and a half and will be instead spending gobs of money to relocate cities and resume my paid endeavors on july 3 in said new city which is great because i love it there and i've worked at this firm before so i know (and really like) the people and the work they do which will be great because this chapter of my life has been getting quite full recently and its time to turn the page and let the creative lines flow once again.
an open invitation to anyone who wants to come visit. you'll have a place to stay (of course) and someone to show you around (of course).
goodbye dayton. it's been quite a journey hasn't it? we're still friends and i'll still come and visit. you are my childhood hometown.
hello seattle. i think we've met before. what's new in the past three years since we last talked? don't worry about writing, we'll talk in person in three weeks. ++