Sunday, February 29, 2004


++ I HAVE A final thesis draft paper thingy due tomorrow. in less than 24 hours. probably should have started looking at the things i need to change and add before now.. definately should have.. crap. type type type.. faster faster faster.. ++

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Thursday, February 26, 2004



"once you decide you like a building, look for the inconsistencies and faults, analyze it and critique it, then decide if you still really like it." (i think this goes for anything. not just buildings and architecture.)

"this is called the sixteenth chapel meets crack." (taken out of context and yet still funny.) ++

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


++ BRIDGE BREAK 2004 post game wrap-up and analysis.

the 'senior' class of 2004. (2nd year graduates)

SNL or maybe i should call it by its full name, studio night live was a success. thematically, not as strong as years past, not by a long shot. the set, while impressive and looking incredible was possibly not as strong as years past, but that can be blamed on the lack of a strong theme. where this bridge break excelled and stands apart from previous years is the entertainment value and creativity of the commercials and skits. future years will have to step up to the gauntlet laid before them and top instant classics such as:

INSIDE THE ARCHITECTS STUDIO - nick interviews brad or should i say dennis and finds he is so scrumptulescentthat he can barely move.
TOM BIBLE MONOLOGUE - the fashion police of jason, emily, brad, tim, and chris helped tom with his onstage wardrobe helping to prove we all knew he was a uc engineering professor disguised as an architecture structures professor. its a good thing he had a prepared statment of which the senior class knew nothing of the costume malfunction, said knew nothing about it, and the faculty has known that the senior class has known nothing all year.
CHOOSE ADVENTURE - mark, rebecca, and jeanne show us jerry doesn't really have a set 'architecture program' as each class or each student for that matter will get to choose their own path towards graduation.go ahead, pick a page number and follow it, just be sure to remember that last page, in case you decide the career path you've chosen is the wrong one.
JC URBAN OUTFITTERS - shawn or shoul i say jesus visits the local urban outfitters store in clifton "and he told those who sold the pigeons, ' take these things away; you shall not make my Father's house a house of trade.'"
REAL DAAP HEROES 'MR. PASTEL COLORED WALL PAINTER' - 'wherever a careless student roams, you will be right behind them with a drop-cloth and a fresh can of paint. don't worry, we don't you didn't spec the gypsum wallboard, *stupid architect*..'
COORS LIGHT - 'i love football on tv, shots of david-lee, hanging with my friends, and twins! i love burritos at 4am, parties the never end, dogs that love cats, and twins and i love you too!"
PROFESSOR IDENTITY THEFT - udo has been another victim of identity theft, this time from kathleen, an exchange student from potsdam. just goes to show those germans aren't as perfect as they thought they were.
PROFESSOR JEOPARDY - john (trebeck) hosts jeopardy with guest stars jason (tilman), brian (postel), and nick (nyland).
WITHOUT DAAP - jay and heather tell a chilling tale of what really hapens between the students of apx and aias at daap. 'without daap, this wouldn't be disgusting.'
BARRY STEDMAN PROJECT HUNTER - john (barry) chases down wild projects in their natural habitat proving that even australians have some sort of worth in the u.s. as well as extremely short shorts.
REAL DAAP HEROES 'MR. TACOMA NARROWS BRIDGE DESIGNER' - ' crack open an ice cold one at the blast, because every good bridge designer deserves a break."
THE SIMPLE LIFE ARCHIETCTURE - heather (hilton) and heidi (ritchie) find being in the architecture program at uc is harder and messier than they thought it would be. they also find out that those pretzels they sell down in the daap cafe come with 'cheese'.
GUINNESS - mark and jason were 'brilliant'!
THE UC - aj storms into daap leaving san diego behind and commands respect and attention from four ladies of the 6th year architecture students. not to be missed.
DOMINOES - the first year architecture students along with the help of jesus showed off the beautiful building we have and the quality of the students uc 'brews'.
WEEkEND UPDATE - bendra gives us the current events, including why we are ranked number 1 in architecture, batman, and what exactly is ecoop. of which we still don't know.
THESIS FECES - matt shows that the weird noises he makes don't always come from his mouth and hank says 'hidee hoee' like he was born to say it.
REAL DAAP HEROES 'MR CGC PLOT MANAGER' - not known for their time management, they have garnered a spot among the hearts of the 6th years who know better than to bother them. instead we go anywhere else to plot.
THE ENDLESS WINTER - matt and ben find the solace of huge waves in the partly frozen burnett woods lake.
WWJD - jessie from saved by the bell reminds us of the dangers of drug use when trying to stay up late at night: cut back on the caffeine pills.
3RD CHAIR - john, gordon, and brent entertain osam as his thesis committee. john has never hesistated to 'resist any moment to distribute his load' while brent 'distributed his load once, with brown spicy mustard, and sweet pickle relish."
EMILY HATCH'S COMEDY HOUR - emily, never one to miss a joke, proves her comedic genius and unique taste in humor by both doing a stand-up routine and an audience member complete with cackling. who knew it was possible to cackle in various languages.
ARCHITECTURE KILLS - every class loses approximately half of their freshman class by the time they reach 6th year. its amazing how many you forget and how much you don't care. 'the more you know, the worse it gets: truth'.
STUDIO DARKNESS - john, terry, brian, adam, ben, matt, brad, and mark rock the house or rather daap 4400. ++

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


++ I'VE BEEN TALKING to the director of asian studies here at uc, prof. not to be named. and he has led me to believe the past two years that i would be on track or could be on track to get a certificate in asian studies. this isn't an entry to deface or discredit him (although its turning out to be that) but he has been largely unhelpful and largely unaccomodating in helping me. i know i'm not one of his students who have asian studies as their major, but still he's a professor and a director, meaning he has an obligation to the students, to any student, right? i know professors have their own research and their own agendas and their own work, but the main reason why they are a professor is to what.. .. ..? teach students and help students and be a mentor to students and to direct students.. .. riiii-ght? you would think. i guess i'm just frustrated that he has not helped me at all and that i do not have enough credits to qualify for a certificate and after i submitted my application, he didn't even email me back to tell me that he had received it. so i emailed him today to verify he had received it and he more or less the only thing he told me was that he had received it, reviewed it, and i will not be receiving a certificate. which is fine that i don't receive it. i just have problems with him as a person in charge of helping students, when he is clearly not helping students as much as he could. but who am i to question him and doubt him. i'm only a student. 24 years old and naive. right? oh crap. i'm 24! i completely forgot that. wow. its time to get out of here. time to leave this place.. ++

Monday, February 23, 2004


++ NOTHING EXCITING HAPPENNED today. nothing of merit. nothing of significance. nothing. amazing. you would think with being awake for over 12 hours that there would be something funny, something stupid, something of value to talk about. but no. i could tell you that i woke up late and slept through 3 alarms, but that wouldn't be anything of significance. i could tell you that i went to studio and put on my headphones and tried to work on my project, but thats old hat. i could tell you that i went to a studio meeting for an hour and wasted my time doing that. i might have been more productive sleeping. i could tell you that i went to a rehearsal of the said bridge break, but it wasn't good and its just that, a rehearsal. i could tell you after that i went back to studio and tried to work, but that also was largely unproductive. i could tell you i left studio early because i couldn't stand being there any longer and came back to my house and watched television and took a nap, but why would i? so i'm left with telling you that nothing of merit happenned today that i can even begin to make stuff up to tell you about. except that maybe, no wait. nothing.
blogs are the future or so 'they' say.

Sunday, February 22, 2004


++ (4-0) TEAM WANING -- 7 vs. (1-3) THESIS CEASES TONIGHT -- 2
that guy in the grey shirt kicks the ball hard. and this team was in first place. now they are definately in first place being 4-0. strangely enough we are not in last place. there are two teams actually 'worse' than us. go us.

brent - voted most likely to try to 'bring the ball down' with his foot above his own head (and instead kick a girl in the face.)
dom - nice goal.
scott - you promised me 1 full good hard minute. its a good thing we only ask for 45 good hard seconds from you.
matt rouse - voted most likely to complain to the ref (behind shawn) and most likely to yell at our own teammates (and have no one listen.)
jay - voted most likely to run over the opposing team's girls.
mark - voted most likely to whiff the ball while kicking (twice).
matt stevenson - voted most likely to foul the opposing team and think it's not a foul (when it really is.)
cliff - voted most likely to go onto the field only to be pulled off 30 seconds later (and not say anything to anyone about just coming onto the field.)
shawn - voted most likely to use his hands (that cheat!)
john - voted most likely to throw up in the trashcan (but not this game.)
theresa - voted most likely to be open near the goal (and have no one pass it to her.)
megan - voted most likely to be open near the goal (and have someone pass it to her)(and miss it.)
sarah - voted most likely to not know what she's doing and still somehow be in the right place at the right time (and do a good job at it.)
jenn - voted most likely not know where or to who she's kicking the ball (when everyone around her is yelling for it.)
corrie - voted most likely to be better at soccer then mark (and you are.)
katie - voted most likely to wear tie-dyed socks (even if its not green this time.)
cindy - voted most likely to have no one on the team know where you are from, how you are on the team, who you know, or what your name is (beavercreek, you went to high school with jay, you know jay, and your name is cindy.) ++

Saturday, February 21, 2004


++ CINCINNATI 66 - LOUISVILLE 61. that was the final score after one period of overtime. cincinnati was up by 1 when louisville came down and hit a 3 pointer to go ahead by 2 with 16 seconds left. field williams hit a 2 pointer just inside the 3 point arc with a second left to play to send the game into overtime. cincinnati would in the next 5 minutes of extra time pull ahead and win. mom and dad came down to the game and sat or rather stood in the student section with me and my friends. dad has been to several basketball games, but it was mom's first cincinnati basketball game. at the end of regulation when field hit the shot to tie the game everyone was ecstatic and went nuts, jumping and screaming and high-fiving and yelling and cheering. mom clapped and cheered like everyone else, but after the roar lessened, she turned to me and asked:

"why is everyone so happy?"
"mom! because he hit that shot to send it to overtime!"
"yeah, but we didn't win."
"mom! yeah, but would have lost if he would of missed it."
"i know. i was watching though and i saw when he shot it that his foot was on the line."
"i'm just joking with you! i'm happy he made the basket."
"mom! don't do that to me!" ++

Friday, February 20, 2004


MENTOR / MENTEE CLASS has field trips on thursday afternoons and planning sessions with jim on fridays. fridays are spent reviewing the previous trips and preparing for the upcoming trips with great stories and laughter and comedy from jim. thursdays are spent with the freshmen architecture, interior, pre-architecture and pre-interior students taking them to places on field trips and feebly trying to communicate to them the concepts and ideas about architecture given to us.

"i suggest we go to the 48th floor of the carew tower. from there we can look at the whole of cincinnati from god's perspective. you know, assuming god works from the 48th floor."
after asking a freshman what the difference between space and place was, they replied, "guilt, hate, shame, revenge, love."
"believe me, if my face looks funny, don't worry about it."
"aim for mars and be happy if you hit the moon."
"Auto response from FJArtz (8:31:26 PM): Discovery Channel (0-4, 55 goals against) vs.The Medicine Shoppe (0-3, 16 goals against) tonight 9:20 pm at the Sportsplex....come attend the battle for futility" ++

Thursday, February 19, 2004


++ WHAT DO YOU do when the remedy to the problem is the root cause of the problem?
i sometimes feel very alone. its not because i don't have friends. i do. and they try. i know they try. its just that i don't have very many people if any for that matter who i can relate to. i don't have someone who is like me or similar to me who i can look to for advice and guidance. yeah, sure i have my parents. yeah, sure i have my friends. yeah, sure i have mentors. but i don't have someone who is a second-generation half asian, half caucasian who comes from middle-class suburbia who i can look to and confide in. everybody else have people or can easily find people to relate to ethnically and socially. i am surrounded by friends who mean well, but have been brought up without knowing the things they say or without knowing the meanings and consequences of the things they say. my parents raised me as if i were like all my friends, which has brought at least two things to my attention.

1. i am like everyone else, in that i have a heart, a brain, a body, i make my own decisions and live by their consequences.
2. i am not like everyone else, in that i am partly asian, and its even more present in the environment i live and work and play in, the people i hang out with and am friends with, the discussions and language and jokes which come from them.

who do i go to, to talk about things which bother me? do i turn to god? he works on his own time. do i turn to my parents? they sort of haev a clue, but even then they haev different backgrounds and their experiences come from a very different time and different generation. where is 'my crowd'? and yet sometimes when i surrounded by 'my crowd' or dare i say a room full of asians, i feel uncomfortable. other times it doesn't bother me. how would you feel if you had to be in this environment everyday of your life? if you lived and grew up and matured in this environment? would you even know, because you had no other frame of reference? naively no. gradually, yes. over time, yes. what happens after you discover 'how things really are'? what do you say to your friends who have no idea they offend or say derogatory or insensitive comments? would they even know, because its a part of their everyday and even your own everyday language and custom. its alright if they say it and then laugh about it right? i mean its just a joke.. or it has no malicious intent, right? but would they even say it if you weren't around? who do i turn to for help and guidance? talk to me. don't fix me. don't cater to my needs and wants. don't pity me. just talk to me. seriously. right now, its just the crowd and me. ++

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


++ CERTAINTIES IN LIFE. (also in no particular order)

1. death
2. taxes (ok, thats a joke.)
2. gravity
3. light

can't think of others.
i slept 13 hours last night! and it was great. and i was awake at 9.00am and actually awake, not just the 'awake' i normally am at 9am. ++

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


++ FIVE BASIC EMOTIONS in life. (in no particular order)

1. guilt
2. hate
3. shame
4. revenge
5. love

are there others? ++

Monday, February 16, 2004


++ I HAVE LIVED with two german girls for 5 months now and i have learned absolutely nothing in german. kathleen had her boyfriend over for 10 days, so we lived with three germans for a while and i didn't learn any german. now kathleen has 5 of her friends over so we are living with 7 germans and oddly enough i still have learned absolutely nothing in german. its all become white noise now. background. whenever any of our friends come over and here them speaking german, they always stop and try to figure out what they are saying. always. never fails. me? nothing. half of the time i don't even hear them. however, that may because i don't hear well.
thoughts and prayers, friend. thoughts and prayers.
hypothetical question:
you are designing an architectural project. ok, thats not the question, that was actually a statement. the question comes at the end of the statement. so you are designing an architectural project. you have a faculty mentor who is directing your studies and design. you go to him every other day to have a dialogue on the progress of the design. they supply you with ideas and ask questions significant in the directino of yoru design. the question is; is this really your design, assuming that the faculty mentor is more or less 'telling' you how to do it? ++

Sunday, February 15, 2004


++ WIN FOR FLYNN - 8 :: thesis ceases tonight - 1

"rouse - even though you were the last to touch theball, you still don't get credit for that goal. i think its an own goal deflection.
mitchell - nice face ball. hesse obvioulsly didn't want it this game.
hesse - we're tired of you padding your stats with the most minutes played. and we're tired of you using your hands, but seeing as you are a better keeper than field player, we'll let you slide the next 5 games and pad your stats again.
stevenson - obviously your haircut did nothing to improve or worsen your playing skills. unlike brent, we like your hair. please keep it.
brent - hey gumby. no fights this game, good. nothing hurt, good. you showed up, good. even drove, good. still smoking cigarettes, bad.
cliff - what happenned out there pele? could of used you this game.
mark - your glaring pasty legs were the reason for the foul which was called on you. and although you are not as good as corrie or megan or allison or cindy or suzie or theresa or jenn or sarah, you still have glaring pasty legs.
scott - your obstruction foul was because the other team couldn't see around over or through your hair. its ok though, we still like your hair as well, unlike brent's first game hair. although if it gets any bigger, you owe me another $40 for an additional spot on the roster.
jay - good job for not yelling again. if you could only play, then you could be as good as mark.
theresa - we decided you and matt cannot be on the field at the same time, because we don't want him hurting you (because you are good.) you can however
hurt matt. no loss there.
suzie - you were the closest to the ball when we scored, wait, when the other team deflected the ball into their own goal. but you don't get credit for it either. we like your shoes though. now if only they actually did make you run faster.
corrie - you're the blonde right? (this question is for everyone else, not me.) not that you foul, because you don't. but when you do. aim for the knees. ask foley, they don't hold so well.
megan - nice shot. next time aim for the goal and not the boards. however, with that being said, it was our only shot. so, nice shot.
cindy - wow, you drove all the way from dayton..from not score, not foul, run around, and play for 10 minutes all with people you don't know, except for me. thanks. thats dedication. .. to me? ha.
allison - scraped knee and winded just for a soccer game. and your wedding is only a few weeks away! hard core i tell ya, hard core.
sarah - wow, you didn't 'forget' your stuff this week! congratulations on your first game. and we didn't even skin you. just wait..first ones are always free.
katie - green tie-dyed socks. who says we aren't cool. we may suck, but we got a girl with tie-dyed socks. thanks for coming out for the game. sorry we suck. thanks for the green tie-tyed socks."

Saturday, February 14, 2004


++ ALPHA RHO CHI white rose formal at the phoenix. really good restaurant + really good food + really good ballroom + really good company of friends + really good drinks = really great time! happy valentine's day!

.. yummy yummy little bite sized cakes ..

.. pretty pretty table and glasses ..

.. heather, jay, cliff, rosie, sarah, and aj ..

.. trippy trippy lights used to get your groove on..

Thursday, February 12, 2004


++ COFFEE AND LANGUAGES. she wanted coffee. she got coffee. i didn't know what she wanted with her coffee. i know she doesn't drink it black. i know she doesn't like the taste of coffee that much. so i didn't know what to get or how much of it to get, so i got a little bit of it all. ok, a lot of it all..

photo by: s.teal.
Scuzzyuc (12:41:48 AM): do you know any other languages?
KathrinH (12:42:03 AM): italian, spanish, french
KathrinH (12:42:36 AM): I just know them I cannot speak them
Scuzzyuc (12:43:36 AM): nice
KathrinH (12:43:40 AM): serious, I had 6 years of Latin, which I cannot use it all, I cannot even order a pizza in Italy with that kind of knowledge
Scuzzyuc (12:43:59 AM): you can underastand, but cannot speak?
KathrinH (12:44:13 AM): and I had 2 years of french, where I forgot everything besides the sentence monica remembered
KathrinH (12:44:46 AM): italian and spanish I neither speak nor understand, just eat their food
Scuzzyuc (12:44:53 AM): haha
Scuzzyuc (12:45:10 AM): thats the only thing about it you have to understand
KathrinH (12:45:26 AM): Latin is not a language you speak, I think the ancient Roman invented this language to punish students today
Scuzzyuc (12:46:06 AM): punish students in every country throughout the world, regardless of their native language.
oooo, its friday the 13th. du du duhhhh.. ++


++ I'M LINKED FROM samee's website. i must be famous. must be, no doubt about it. his link is over to the right.."in england with samee."
i sat down and watched an hour and a half of friends with kathrin, kathleen, and 5 of kathleen's friends from germany. which was funny to me only because for one of the episodes, phoebe and monica went on a double date with two guys from russia, one of which couldn't speak any english. not that kathleen's friends can't speak english, but the russian guys started speaking russian and there were a whole bunch of translation problems and no one could understand each other.

which i know my retelling of this story is absolutely non-funny. (another word i've managed to make up.) but believe me it was really funny to me. me in a room with 7 germans all watching friends in english, a foreign language to them, about russians speaking russian, a foreign language to me and them. absolutely hilarious. believe you me. it was. honestly., back to the television. seriou..oh, ok..television. ++

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


++ ALL WORK WILL cease now. thank you nes emulator. or rather damn you nes emulator.
for all your work wasting pleasure, duckhunt.
quips from tonight..
"uh oh. i better get off this couch. it is the make-out couch."
"yeah, i know."
"so, they tell me."

"i have the uncanny ability to design like him."
"yeah, we both have the same bad design sense."

"so john, you going to kisss her?"
"oh yeah, john, she said she wants at least a five-second kiss."
"if thats all she wants, she better watch out, because she's getting more than that. it's going to be at least 30 seconds." bowling:
"pretend those pins are your girlfriend."
..after rolling a strike..
"yeah baby, thats right they're like my girlfriend. i just nailed them all."

"hey, are we going to play poker after the blast on friday?"
"i can't. my girlfriend is going to come into town that night."
"oh, so YOU will be playing poker then. are the rest of us going to play poker?"
"not with his girlfriend. one's enough, don't you think?" ++

Tuesday, February 10, 2004


++ I THINK I'M getting lost in the shuffle.
according to webster's dictionary:
nostalgia is: 1.a bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past and 2.the condition of being homesick; homesickness.
memory is: 1.the mental faculty of retaining and recalling past experience and 2.the act or an instance of remembering; recollection.

these are two very specific domains of life of which one refers to the humane, compassionate, unique individual emotion while the other refers to the artificial, mechanized, almost manufactured capture of an instance. i'm struggling right now with these as time goes by as i'm not sure what will be nostalgic and what will be merely memory. its almost a figure/ground study or a macro photo where the subject is extremely sharp in focus while the background blurs. i'm not sure what recollections i will have which i carry with me through the rest of my life. from my childhood i remember things which superfically seem to be arbitrary, things which are funny, not necessarily significant and not necessarily watershed moments, but moments which brought a peak in emotion. i remember things such as the mudhole big ebough to stick your leg in, so we did and my friend lost his shoe and we could never find it. somewhere in the ground is a size 6 shoe burried in the ground about 2.5 feet below the surface. i remember playing soccer in my backyard with my brother and two friends and almost passing out and stumbling to the kitchen to eat a banana because i had forgot to eat dinner the night before, breakfast the day of, and lunch the day of. as soon as i ate the banana i regained vision. i remember playing kickball and the ball got stuck up in the tree and we were unable to dislodge it for 6 months when it finalyl fell down completely deflated and permanently deformed. we threw it away, it wasn't a good ball anyway. i remember having a birthday party when i was 6 and my mom popped popcorn the old-fashioned way with the hot air popcorn popper while my dad added the butter and ushered it to 16 of my friends who were all sleeping over while we watched the last starfighter, a movie about the little kid who becomes a starfighter pilot after beating a video game and saves the universe. i don't think mom and dad slept at all that night. i remember going to my grandparents house to pick raspberries and eating them fresh off the vine. my grandmother would always scold us, but only half heartedly. can grandparents ever truly be mad at their grandchildren when they are young? i remember countless summer days when i would go over to steve's house and wake him up in the morning and he would throw a shoe at me to get me to go away. it never worked. we wasted days playing ping pong and two-square and 'conducting experiments' with fire and flammable liquids such as hair spray, fire starter, gasoline, rubbing alcohol, spray paint, and anything which is possible to burn. graphite doesn't, just so you know. i'm unsure what happy things i will remember from these past six years here. it seems like the more i am here the less fun, happy things occupy my mind and the negative aspects cloud my mind. i don't want to remember people and events for the bad things which happenned or the subsequent reactions. i want to remember sleepless slap-happy nights in studio, road trips to sf and san diego and phoenix, burning models, sledding in the snow, chair races down the hallway, formals on fountain square, dressing up to walk across a bridge, camping at red river gorge, jumping off cliffs at red river gorge, and endless smiles from well-worn friends who i've grown and matured with and who know me better than my parents, brother, old school friends and even high school friends. i want nostalgia.. maybe five for fighting says it the best..
100 Years

I'm 15 for a moment
Caught in between 10 and 20
And I'm just dreaming
Counting the ways to where you are

I'm 22 for a moment
She feels better than ever
And we're on fire
Making our way back from Mars

15 there's still time for you
Time to buy and time to lose
15, there's never a wish better than this
When you only got 100 years to live

I'm 33 for a moment
Still the man, but you see I'm a they
A kid on the way
A family on my mind

I'm 45 for a moment
The sea is high
And I'm heading into a crisis
Chasing the years of my life

15 there's still time for you
Time to buy, Time to lose yourself
Within a morning star

15 I'm all right with you
15, there's never a wish better than this
When you only got 100 years to live

Half time goes by
Suddenly you’re wise
Another blink of an eye
67 is gone
The sun is getting high
We're moving on...

I'm 99 for a moment
Dying for just another moment
And I'm just dreaming
Counting the ways to where you are

15 there's still time for you
22 I feel her too
33 you’re on your way
Every day's a new day...

15 there's still time for you
Time to buy and time to choose
Hey 15, there's never a wish better than this
When you only got 100 years to live.

Monday, February 09, 2004


++ TONIGHT WAS THE worst game night ever. while waiting for lisa to show up, we decided to play scattegories, which is always a good game, for those who have an extended vocabulary or when the letter you are suppossed to start the word with isn't the letter K. seriously, there aren't that many words that start with K anyway. and to try to think of them on a time limit with categories. nearly impossible. next was boggle. this lasted a whole turn. combined, five of us had 21 words. john had 22 by himself. stupid left-handed people see things in a completely different realm than the rest of us. last game we tried was trivial pursuit, except the game was from 1980 or some really really far back year .. (1980, wasn't that the year i was born?) .. so all the questions were of pop culture before our time or before we cared about pop culture .. (how much of pop culture do we care about now?) .. so after deciding that everyone playing by themselves was going to be too hard, we paired up into three groups of pairs. which didn't help either. everyone missed almost every question, so we started playing any answer gets a pie. brad and nick got easy questions and won, while foley and john quit after four turns. game night lasted half an hour and eeveryone left with bruised egos of being stupid. 4 months away from a masters degree and we are belittled by board games which defy our limited made up architecture vocabulary such as 'crit' and 'datum', oh wait, thats not a made up word, although in my project it might as well be, board games which defy our limited capacity to find 3 and 4 letter words from a jumble of letters visually connected, and board games which defy our limited knowledge of 1980's pop culture. lot of good these two degrees do us.
oh more soccer terms here. ++

Sunday, February 08, 2004


++ SPEAKING SOCCER AS a second language be a whole other dialect of english. for one, everyone starts playing soccer and we feel the need to say everything twice. it's never just a "good job" or a "nice pass". its more like "good job, good job" or "nice pass, nice pass". second, we don't use first names when speaking soccer. last names only. and if you can't think of their last name, either don't talk at all or call them by their nickname such as, "hey foley" or equally acceptable is "hey cripple" or "hey asshole." another example would be, "hey rouse" or equally acceptable is "hey poonuts." we also like to think we are unique and above the american english language, so we say sentances like, "don't forget to take your boots out of your kit bag and wear the black kit before the match, that way when we are playing futbol on the pitch, we'll all know you are on our team."
playing the ball weakside - either kick the ball to the opposite field or pass it around so it gets there.
what you see - look up while you have the ball so you can pass it to the open man or dribble.
play goalside - stand between the offensive player and the goal.
pick up a man - get back on defense and mark a man.
mark a man - shadow a player and don't let them get the ball.
drop the ball - pass the ball behind you. someone on your team is there.
man on - someone on the other team is behind you, so be careful with the ball.
square left or square right - pass the ball 90 degrees to your right or left. someone on your team is there.
shoot - shoot the ball.
have a ball - shoot the ball.
through ball - pass the ball between the defenders into the open space behind them.
offside - a foul. there are not two defenders in front of you before your team passed the ball to you.

and all this means nothing unless you are winning. and even then i guess it really doesn't matter, now that i think about it. hm. soccer players speak meaningless jibberish. interesting.. ++

Friday, February 06, 2004


they tell me i'm starting to get old and that its time to grow up and take on responsibility.
they tell me i'm not fun to be around, because i sulk to much and i'm mean and selfish.
they tell me i'm running away from my problems.
they tell me i'm 24 today.
i know i will grow old, but always be young at heart.
i know i can be un-fun to be around, but i know i need to take care of myself first.
i know i am not running, but closing this chapter and beginning the next chapter of my life.
i know i'm 24 today.
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to me.
happy birthday to me-ee.
happy birthday to me.
the only thing i asked for, for my brithday was a snowy day. yay, i got my wish!
jessicalee67: happy birthday!
futbolke: have a good b-day!!!
adelaidedawn: many happy returns of the day.
moesh1400: Happy Birthday JAY!!!!! I hope you have a LOVELY day!
ramentang2: :-DHappy Birthday Young'in


++ MIDTERM REVIEW FOR studio today produced a lot of nothing. after six years of school, i know what i need to do to get it done. i know what drawings i should have. i know what studies and iterations i need to do in order to get at what i want to get at. i understand the process through which i have to endure and the things to observe in order to make progress in my project. i just have to do it. so a half hour of pin-up time with two professors is of little use to me, unless they are critiquing specifically the things i have pinned up. i know what needs to be done. i actually probably could have told you before i even pinned up, what they were going to say to me and what they were going to tell me i need to do. oh well. next time.

i drove to fairborn tonight to play an indoor soccer game at 11pm. ha. actually, i drove a 2 hour round trip to play 15 minutes of soccer. which all said and done added up to about 3.5 hours, no wait, almost 4 hours to play 15 minutes. and yet it was worth it. matt came with me and i think he had an alright time. most of the players on the team were old high school friends, which was nice to see them all again. its always nice to see old friends who i don't talk to much anymore. .. even if they all suck at soccer. and yet they had more fun than my team which plays. although it could have been because they lost 17-1 tonight and they knew they had no chance from the very beginning. .. or maybe its because its an improvement from last week when they lost 19-1 or an improvement from the weekend before that when they lost 24-0. but yet it was worth it.

Thursday, February 05, 2004


++ I STOOD IN line today for 3.5 hours just so i can get some basketball tickets. and while i know i'm not a hardcore fan and probably, no mostly, a fair weather fan, but becoming less so and more so a bearcat fan in general, i know i will never be hardcore enough to camp out for tickets. they tell me that the people who were first in line went and started camping out the night of the xavier game. the xavier game was on tuesday. holy crap thats a long time. another friend i saw said he got there last night at 5.45pm to camp out. tickets don't even start to get passed out until 9 in the morning. 3.5 hours! i don't do anything for 3.5 hours. i can't even sit down and do 3.5 hours of schoolwork without a break. same when i'm at work. you know, actually i got there at 8.30 in the morning. forget abour doing anything for 3.5 hours. i don't ever get up that early. although maybe i should.

mentor class today was a walking tour of campus. overheard from the freshman while walking:
"you know if we didn't have ugly buildings, then we wouldn't be able to appreciate the pretty ones."
"i don't like this space. can we tear it down?"
"those lights are $40,000 each! who designs these things?" "architects."
"so a place is always a space, but a space is only sometimes a place?"
"how much further do we have to walk?" "one step further than you want to walk."

this is a weak post. bah. double bah. ++

Wednesday, February 04, 2004


its john mitchell's birthday today. say happy birthday to him. he's an old fart now.
its also alyson ianitti's birthday today. say happy birthday to her. she's not an old fart. ++

Tuesday, February 03, 2004


++ IT APPEARS AS though architects cannot do a good job in anyone's eyes. if we design a building which does not meet code, the building inspector won't let us go ahead with the construction. if we design a building which does not fulfill the client's program, they sue us. if we design a building which is not completely weather-proof, the client sues us. if we design a building which is not pleasing to look at, the public complains. if we design a building which is unique and 'wacky', the public complains that the building doesn't fit into the context of the urban fabric and they shart shouting NIMBY. if we design a building which is not environmentally conscious, we are dubbed as wasteful and detrimental to the future of the planet. if we design a building which goes over budget by $1, we are called reckless and without any sense of fiscal responsibility. if we design a building which is realistically impossible to build, but wins a competition, we are termed experimental or or young or up and coming vanguard or rising stars even if we are 60. .. luckily i'm not 60.

..and now the environmental animal hugging group watchers are complaining..
"buildings that we have created to be aesthetically pleasing are slaughtering birds ... but I'm more encouraged than ever that we can come up with a solution that will stop this senseless slaughter of wildlife."

sweet. stripping girls!
and penguins. but these aren't stripping. but you get to hit them. not quite as good. but almost.
Smatt2222 (12:26:10 AM): 523.6!! Woohoo!!
Smatt2222 (12:26:27 AM): And two of the three chicks topless
Smatt2222 (12:26:36 AM): Now time to study
Smatt2222 (12:26:44 AM): Bye Jay
Smatt2222 signed off at 12:26:52 AM.
KathrinH (1:53:31 AM): 588!
KathrinH (1:53:36 AM): and now I go to bed
KathrinH (1:53:38 AM): goodnight
KathrinH signed off at 1:53:52 AM. ++

Monday, February 02, 2004


++ SIX MORE WEEKS of winter according to punxsutawney phil, the groundhog.

oh, i had a dream last night that i remembered. i was playing indoor soccer and the ball was played into our defensive half of the field back in the corner. shawn was playing keeper. i ran back to play the ball to him and a girl on the other team who was faster than me came to challenge for the ball. she checked me into the wall and i fell. she started to go past me, so i stuck my arm out and pulled her down by her leg. all of a sudden a pop-up appeared in my screen of vision and it said, "you've been dismissed. click ok." i argued with the referee and then my alarm went off. so, normally at 5 in the morning i will continue to hit the snooze button until the snooze automatically turns off and even then i won't get up for at least another hour or two. uh uh. not to this morning. i woke up and was so pissed for being sent off the field. wide awake. stupid ref. blind. she wasn't even down there. and she sent me off through an email. that bitch .. ++

Sunday, February 01, 2004


++ POKER NIGHT WAS at the apx house tonight. well more like this morning. or some may call it last night. but it borders on this morning.
ring ring.
"hello?" "come play poker with us." "talk to john." .. .. .. .. .. ..
"we're playing poker at the apx house. wanna go?" "heather, wanna go." "not really, but you should go." "ok. let's roll."
half an hour later it was 12.30am. alright. but its saturday night. i can do this.
"what's the game?" "no-limit texas hold 'em." "wait, everyone needs to buy in first." "how much?" "don't you mean, no-limit apx house hold 'em?" "let's say $5 a person. that makes for a $40 pot." "hey, we're not smoking pot." "wait, count the chips." "how are we gonna split these up?" "mitchell, isn't this against your christian beliefs of gambling and taking away money from other people?" "let's play 1, 5, 10 cent. white, blue, red." "pot?" "it doesn't matter, if we're playing winner take all." "yes it does." "do we have enough chips?" "ooo. i'm hungry. pass those." "no it doesn't. they can have any value if we're playing winner take all." "i once smoked pot." "oh, you're right. "only once?" holy crap. 10 minutes later. chips split evenly. money on the table. chips passed to the other side of the table. no pot.
nick is out first. buys back in. "can you do that?" "apparantly so." mitchell has broke even. bye bye osam. "if he can. i can." "welcome back to game osam. thank you for your money." bye again nick. osam, join him. cliff, well, it was your first time playing anyway, better luck next time. jeanne, not bad, well played. jason, are you serious! you just went all in 6 times in a row and won them all! don't press your luck next time. stevenson, it is 4am .. oh thats not good. yeah, you're tired anyway. thanks for playing.
"mitchell, its just you and me. just wanna go home?" "sure. we'll split it, $10 and $30?" "sounds good to me."
so i made money. and it was the hardest work of my life. except for maybe when i was really young and my parents made me do chores around the house for an allowance. i made $10 for 4 hours of poker. which i guess isn't really work. but if you do the math, thats $2.50 an hour. which is still less than i got paid when i was 10 years old cleaning the house.
thank you espn2 for televisin the world series of poker. ++