Tuesday, August 31, 2004


++ FROM Great Romances of the Twentieth Century. by Taking Back Sunday.
A beautiful girl can make you dizzy,
Like you've been drinking Jack & Coke all morning.

She can make you feel high,
Full of the single greatest commodity known to man.
Promise, the promise of a better day,
The promise of a greater hope
The promise of a new tomorrow...

This particular aura can be found in the gait of a beautiful girl;
In her smile, and in her soul,
And in the way she makes every rotten little thing about life,
Seem like its going to be okay.. ++

Monday, August 30, 2004


++ from a long last send off weekend at augusta internationl.
welcome back kathrin!
bye bye, i'll see you in berlin, kathrin!
helllllllooooo party wagon. no i mean mini-van.
arlins. so you have beer? on tap? in pitchers? yeah, we'll take 9 of them.
oh. really? you sure you have the right person? didn't see that coming.
the band's name is chocolate horse? something about a bastard?
half the battle is getting steve and beth down to cinci.
one hour game delay? thats another hour at rock bottom.
and the reds lost. again. as usual. of course. jerks.
ah outdoor soccer. you never fail me.
ducks and fishing (well not me) at burnett lake.
thank you nancy for the grill-out food. it was mighty yummy.
of the entire olympics, all i saw was the closing ceremonies.
bye lisa! good luck in SF! you will be missed! keep in touch..
oh, i have to unload and unpack all of this out of the minivan? crap.
oh its late.
goodnight! ++

Thursday, August 26, 2004


++ for a long long last send off weekend at augusta international. ++

Sunday, August 22, 2004


++ from a weekend of fun and sun with lisa!
22 hours in a car with me and you still talk to me. .. kinda ..
you learned to drive a manual car first time. and the car still works.
it was an absolutely fabulous road trip!
beaches at 5.30am AND 2.30am are full of unexpected things.
besides the roaches outside the hotel room, best cheapest room ever.
accordian player and three shades of pink at an italian restaurant.
silver platter spaghetti and old men and bibs.
pavilion pier.
the swings.
chocolate chip pancakes.
ihop two days in a row.
afternoon naps.
the boardwalk.
i can't believe you beat me in putt-putt. and i even golf.
my head is definately bigger than yours in that photo.
who knew ice cream could melt so fast.
merry-go-rounds still make me smile.
mother fletchers band sounded good after 10 beers. (no actually they were good.)
mcadoo's country band that plays michael jackson covers.
thorny's hodge podge dining complete with televisions and strawberry daiquiris.
comfortable beach chairs to watch the waves pound jay like a cake.
sun. lots and lots of sun. (and no rain the whole time!)
fun mirrors.
ah, the wonderful wonderful beach.
your good company and conversation. ++

Thursday, August 19, 2004


++ for a weekend of fun and sun! ++

Sunday, August 15, 2004


++ ..from a weekend of camping and rafting with the family! ++
dad thought it would be more fun to take a little drink in the water. the rest of us were wet enough in the raft. the sequence goes left to right. top to bottom. dad is in the back left. about halfway through you don't see him anymore. and you see mom look to her left to see where dad went. then i look to see where he decided to go. no one else even noticed.

Friday, August 13, 2004


++ ..for a weekend of camping and rafting with the family! ++

Thursday, August 12, 2004


"time is like a toilet paper roll. the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes.
but...the faster things go, the more wind you get in your hair, so just enjoy the breeze." ++

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


you will be missed.. :)++

Thursday, August 05, 2004


++ I FORGOT HOW much i enjoy reading 'the best of craigslist'. craigslist was started by a guy named craig who lives in san francisco. craig lived down the street from where i used to live in cole valley in sf. otis, the guy i subleted a room from, was friends with craig. i never met craig, so i can't prove this. i became familiar with cragslist through someone who told me to go look for it to find a place to stay. i guess recently its expanded quite enormously to other parts of the country. although i hear the responses and diversity aroudn the bay area is still the best, while basically it sucks in every other city.
anyway. read any of these. they are absolutely hilarious. each one of them made me laugh. maybe not the entire post, but at least one line made me crack up hilariously for a good minute.
'best of craigslist' ++

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

# 16 ..

++ 16. My parents never let me buy fireworks while i was growing up.
i'm not sure if they just didn't trust us with flammable shooting gunpowder. no wait, i'm pretty sure thats what it was. man, if they only knew the flammable things we flamed while growing up. no wait, they probably did. parents just always seem to know that stuff. even if they weren't there and they have no proof, they just know. so yeah, our parents never let us but fireworks while we were growing up, luckily however most of the other kids parents let them buy fireworks or rather they would buy fireworks for their kids and everyone in the neighborhood got to mooch off them and watch. and we're not talking smokebombs or bottle rockets or blackcats. it was more well actually i don't even know what any of them were called. oh, roman candles. but those might as well be a bottle rocket you hold in your hand and point at someone and pretend you are harry potter. hm, yeah i don't know what any of the fireworks were called. i suppose i could just throw out any name and most likely its a firework.
i remember mr. insani (in-san-ee) bought a whole bunch of fireworks one time and he had them all in a paper bag. there was probably $50 worth and he was lighting them all off one at a time. well he lit one or two and they went off and we all said, 'yay'. then he lit one and the bottle fell over and it shot at all of us sitting on side yard which was funny to see 8 little 10 year olds scrambling for their lives, trying to dodge this whatever it was coming at us full speed. it was like the running of the bulls, except that none of us were wearing white with red scarves and we weren't in pampalona and we weren't going down narrow streets and they weren't bulls. but it was pretty close. so all the little kids run and dive and dive and run and the firework misses all of us, but it jumps right into the bag of unlit fireworks. all the fireworks lite and ka-whamo, instant fireworks show. i've never seen so many go off at one time before, well except for when i go to real fireworks shows. when they shoot off real fireworks.
blaine. he lived up the corner from us when we were growing up. he was a big guy. late 20's. early 30's. (which was old at the time. but crap. i'm almost late 20's now.) he gave a us a real big firework once. he hucked it into the ground so it would stand up. it wouldn't fit in the mouth of the bottle we had. we lit it. it didn't budge. we thought it was a dud. long delay turns out. boom! its hard to duck or hit the ground very fast when you are two steps away from a big explosion shooting off green and blue gunpowder at you. but you'd be surprised at how fast you react when green and blue sparks of gunpowder are flying at you. ++

Monday, August 02, 2004


++ ..comes from some other beginning's end. ++