Wednesday, July 28, 2004

# 15 ..

++ 15. I have a bachelor's degree in architecture and a master degree in architecture from the university of cincinnati.
blah blah. you know this already. or you don't care. if you do. ask a question. i'll see what i can come up with.
are you an architect?
no. not yet.

will you make a lot of money?
no. never.

are you famous?
only in the eyes of my grandmother.

will you be famous?
according to jon's dad i will. he threatened to kick my ass if i wasn't.

why won't you make a lot of money?
we just like to dress all shiny. its really a facade. we're dirt poor. we just like to fool you into thinking we have a lot of money.

do you have to be smart to be an architect?
yes. smart like a brick. 'what does the brick want to be?' it wants to be a building. a big red building. with dogs that pee on it. and openings so you can walk into it just so you can turn around to see out of it.
no. you don't have to be smart to be an architect. you do have to be able to think things out though. like, if there were way to many people on a floor and you could feel the floor start to deflect in the center, what would i do? would you run toward a wall so if the floor caved in you would be alright? noooo. you would leave the building and go outside. thats why i'm an almost architect. because i'm smart.

is architecture easy to get into at the university of cincinnati?
for undergrad. yes if you have a minimum SAT total score of 1320 or an ACT composite 30 and you had a 3.5gpa or you were a valedictorian.
for graduate. yes if you have a 3.2 cumulative gpa for your undergrad and you have a portfolio and you have an undergrad in some related field and a minimum GRE score of 1790.
yes. its a piece of cake.

was architecture school hard at the university of cincinnati?
nope. if you don't mind staying up til incredibly late and odd hours of the morning everynight for 6 years straight. (including weekends.) and pulling allnighters for a week straight to finish your projects at the end of the quarter for studio. oh yeah, did i mention thats just for a 5-credit hour studio. you are still required to take 4 other lecture classes every quarter as well. (honestly, it wasn't hard. just long and laborious.)

are you glad you're graduated?
kind of. the first year i was a sponge. taking everything in. years 2-5 i knew what i had to do to slip by. to do as little as possible and get away with it. year 6 i actually learned how to be a student. i studied the things i wanted to study and i loved it. i made my own schedule. i made my own deadlines. i made my own goals and produced what i knew i needed to produce in order to show the things i needed to show to get my point across. it was a fun process. i'd do it again. (i'd still complain and whine, but i'd do it again.) ++

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