Thursday, February 27, 2003

++ aren't we great? we RELY ON A GROUNDHOG to predict the future. sir isaac newton, nostradamus, the bible code, h.g. wells, josyp terelya step aside. phil is in the house.

had a dream last night: i was homeless in portland, although not really. i actually had a car and a home, but i was going to try to find a bank. on my way i lost my car and picked up a bicycle and turned homeless. the people i asked where i could find a keybank, didn't know what a keybank was and directed me to the local government building. sensing they were not going to be of any help i left and started riding the opposite way toward downtown, forgetting that in portland you can get a ticket for riding on the sidewalk, so i rode on the street. then i lost the bike and found in my hand a trashbag, which i promptly knew what to do with and started collecting cans. a "real" drunk homeless man asked me for my cans and i said no. he had to find his own trashbag first. so i continue walking somehow in a halway in a dorm or office corridor, still picking up cans thinking how great this was going to be becausea at the end of week i would be able to go and cash in the bottles and be able to buy a hamburger, because in oregon they recycle cans for instant cash. (there must be something irresistable about mcdonalds, even for homeless people and people who hate mcdonalds.) realising that i was going to smell filthy and be totally disgusting i tied the trashbag around my leg and my arm so that i would walk and drag the bag with me and not lose any and not get any on myself anda thought the whole time how smart i must be, for when i get back home i would be able to take a shower to get all the grime off of me. then i woke. and craved doritos. wow. weird.

what is the line between 'making out' and 'kissing'? j-ust m-e equates kissing to war. he says, "for guys its all about gaining ground. for girls its about leaving the battlefield with minimal loss."
j-ust m-e's other quote of the day, "i have to throw out two pairs of underwear, because the elastic wore out. its my incredibly large birthing hips." ++

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

++ Scuzzyuc (3:17:02 PM): i'm writing just to see your IM away message.
Auto response from puthoff UC (3:17:02 PM): it raining right now so I don't want to go out running like usually cause I might get hit... rain's a funny thing here, it's like snow back home... people are swerving and sliding all over the road like it's ice. it makes people do weird things, cause once the sun goes away everyone freaks out and starts going crazy...

wow. really? libeskind again. ++

Monday, February 24, 2003

++ are you serious? CLASSES ARE CANCELLED til 5pm today. there is only a few inches of snow on the ground and not much more on the way today.

got a job offer today in seattle and san diego. i probably should be more happy about this than i am.

oh yeah and the world is ending in 57 years, you know, just so you know. in case you care.

funniest thing i heard all day from b-oy b-and : "in high school we peer pressured each other into calling girls we thought were cute, now we peer pressure each other to call potential architecture firms which may or most likely not hire us and we don't want to talk to because we are too nervous/anxious/apprehensive/blanched/ "

oh yeah and we lost a basketball game tonight. what a day. ++

Sunday, February 23, 2003

++ ULI COMPETITION = 10 days = 5 people working together, two masters of architecture, one master of science in architecture, one masters in urban planning, and one in real estate business = money for placing = twisted program = er, no program = five different ways of thinking trying to come up with one = polar opposites with five polars = knurly = poo

huh? that crazy libeskind.

just played soccer. boy am i out of shape. and we lost 5-0. and i twisted my ankle. and i have other stuff which i should be doing instead. but i had fun.

word of the moment = effete ++

Saturday, February 22, 2003

++ this is the EDUCATION i am paying gobs of money to in order to learn.

yesterday i went to ecoop to listen to stedman lecture, i swear he just talks to hear himself talk. things i got out of listening to him speak: " during the clinton era, there was two things the media focused on: 1. oj simpson. 2. the president who couldn't keep his zipper zipped." ... "(these offices know) they are truly shitty factories." ... "(we have a) romantic notion of where we want to be (with our lives in the future)." ... "you've been here for fice years with the same cohort of people."
in chinese class the other day the professor commented, "when i was driving to the airport in the ice and snow, the cars were playing pancake! flop! flop! flop! I just drive on thinking, ok."

on another note i noticed that c-ritic k-iss up smirks whenever he says an answer. my impression is he believes he is absolutely right no questions asked and the smarted person in the world. but he's a good guy. just cocky.

a-lways r-ight has the same problem. well he believes he is always right, but if you ask him he will deny it. ask his girlfriend. the real one. but he is also a good guy. just doesn't like to listen to others. he is definately not one to follow. he will take the lead and expect others to follow and if not then he will do it on his own.

ah the 'cohort' of people i know... ++

Friday, February 21, 2003

++ come on, as if YALE GRADUATE STUDENTS don't have enough to be thankful for. I'd love to get a graduate degree from yale. shut up, take your free ride plus stipend, and do your job. little girls.

any of your FRIENDS IN COLLEGE IN THE RESERVES OR NATIONAL GUARD, better check on them to see where they are at. "brink of war." ... ++

Thursday, February 20, 2003

++ just got a NEW PHONE, the first in not quite three years. and it makes me smile because whenever anyone calls i get to sing B-I-N-G-O over and over...well at least until i answer it. and its half the size of my last phone and most likely half the weight of the last one as well. which excites me to no end. yeah, the periods on the end of my sentances just don't do me justice. (insert random exclamation!) ! ! ................... ! oh yeah and dad is going to tampa for 32 days. thats a long time. ...........! .

UCSquid (4:17:00 PM): blah
Auto response from Scuzzyuc (4:17:00 PM):
UCSquid (4:17:07 PM): blah blah blah
UCSquid (4:17:11 PM): blech
UCSquid (4:17:18 PM): I hate co-op
UCSquid (4:17:32 PM): I leave you now
UCSquid signed off at 6:35:12 PM.

i say haha. ++
++ apparently this little site is NOT SO MUCH ABOUT "THE CROWD AND ME" as it is well just about me i guess, because all the people i asked to join this didn't join. :( which means i guess its just me. i guess j-iggy k-arma joined, but he hasn't posted anything yet. oh well. it was a nice try jay. better luck next time.

on a different note, what the hell was namdi talking about in lecture the other day?!? all i got out of it was lots of nude women in paintings and then i guess since the "erotic sensuous beauty of women" is so ever-lasting and indifferent of time that anyone who considers themselves a painter or an artist should at some point in their life make a million studies and "iterations" of naked hot women. we are after all "graduate students...(and should) speak out!" hot naked erotic beautiful women it is!

oh yeah, just thought of this ... cold+no snow=suck ... cold+snow=fun ... warm+snow=slush ... slush +cold=ice ... ice +fun=horrible (fun) driving! ++

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

++ HOLY YIKES i have way too much to do. shoot me. ++

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

++ wow, i just got back from watching one of the UGLIEST GAMES i have ever seen...ok it was only a half, because the bearcats wer playing such sucky b-ball that i had to leave. i have better things to do than watch them score 9 points in 13 mintues and be losing 31-18 at half and get booed off the court by an almost sell-out crowd at their home court. like chinese homework, that i have been procrastinating on...such as 77 sentances to translate. their sucky play puts me in a sucky mood. bearcat basketball=suck. ++
++ A BOOK IN A DAY sounds like a pretty sweet thing. i wonder if i could somehow get that done. maybe give someone half an hour to write anything they wanted or maybe ask them to fill up two pages of anything that came to their mind and do that for everyone and then put them all together and make a little booklet. i think i might try it. or maybe give them a topic like these people are doing. hmm possible topics ... serious? yeah probably not. goofy? possibly. fiction? possible. ideas? let me know... ++
++ does anyone else BLOW THEIR NOSE IN THE SHOWER? is that just a gross taboo thing that shouldn't be spoke of aloud? you always have to run your hands across the soap and rinse before you touch the rest of your body right? do you feel better after you blow your nose? how about this, do you face away from the stream of water coming from the shower head so your back gets the nice warm fuzzy feeling or do you put your face and chest first, you know to warm up your chest and get the phlegm a-moving around (and eventually out your nose)? ok, here's something i know is taboo, peeing? come on, don't be shy, who pees in the shower? are you the same people who peed in the swimming pools as little kids? (do you still pee in the pools now? ew, gross.) food for thought ... you know they say pee cures athlete's foot. i hear madonna pees on her feet in the shower, but then again i have also seen madonna naked (well not in person) and her name is madonna? who names their kid madonna?
++ .. in case you want to know more about what this is about. ++

Monday, February 17, 2003

++ i don't watch JOE MILLIONAIRE. i don't like "reality" television shows (save perhaps the real world on mtv the first few seasons) and yet i just found myself glued to the television for the last two hours. maybe it was joe millionaire's smile or his dreamy eyes or him being huge or his personality. it definately was not for the physical attractiveness of the girls, which means "joe" must really have picked the girl for the girl and not just for the looks (go "joe"). it must be the mop on top of his head. he should take a hint from m-diggity s-cissors and cleft the threads. ++
++ ++
++ i've INVITED MY FRIENDS to join this "blog" thing, because i find it quite "cool" in that i can post things, mostly the stupid stuff that i think and anyone can read it. maybe its just another way for me to waste my time, maybe its me wanting everyone to know how stupid i am or the incredibly stupid stuff that runs through my mind sometimes, maybe a way for me to vent, maybe (and here's a thought) a way to show that i am way much more smartest than i know everyone thinking i am, or maybe another way to keep in contact with my friends, or maybe a way to try to keep my friends in contact with each other, or maybe i'm just rambling now, like i always do. i mostly ramble, not because i like to hear my voice (because i can when i am typing, its all in my head) but because i do. blah blah blah. ramble ramble ramble. ++
++ BEING SICK SUCKS.i hate it when you have that little re-appearing booger which only manifests itself when you breathe in and then you can hear it flapping in the wind of your air intake. and when you breathe out you don't want to breath too hard otherwise you are afraid you will snot yourself. and then you go to actually blow your nose and barely anything comes out. its like your boogers know they are getting the heave ho, so they magically retract back to the inner reaches of your skull. and as soon as you give up on blowing yoru nose, they always reinvest themselves in your nose. oh yeah and the stuff in your throat which never comes out. makes life miserable. although it does give you a good reason not to do homework and procrastinate further leaving you with even less time and further screwing you over! ++

Sunday, February 16, 2003

++ "best of IM AWAY MESSAGES."
. "so i see a fruit fly in my room, only ONE mind you, and i kill it, but then a few hours later, there is ONE more fruit fly in my room, i never see two at the same time... now i present this question to you: is there only one fruit fly, and every time i kill it, it's soul gets reincarnated into the same body via some insanely sadistic joke by the devil, to ultimately drive me mad? or are there like 5000 fruit flies in my room, all hiding in my closet or something, then one comes out to fly around my head, and when i kill it, one more comes out to do the same, also via a horribly cruel joke by a genetically enhanced race of superintelligent mind controlling fruit flies driven by the one need to break a human's will and see some poor shmuck cry so they can laugh hysterically and give each other high fives or high mandibles and then take over the world?"
. "My studio project: inchoate \in-KOH-it\, adjective: 1. In an initial or early stage; just begun.2. Imperfectly formed or formulated. "
. "Hi. I am Tom. Soon I will be an engineer. That is where the fun begins. I will attend a graduate school. They will award me a Phd. I will then begin producing robots smaller than are visible to the naked eye. These robots will fight infections, perform the function of failed organs, monitor DNA, recycle all expended products, and make your life happier, healthier and easier. That is all I wish to tell you of for now. Please have a pleasent couple of decades, we will be seeing more of one another then."
. "zzzzz...buzzzzzz@7am....slap...zzzzz....buzzzzzzz@7.09am...slap...zzzzz... buzzzzzz@7.18am...slam, crash, "owwww!"...zzzzz....zzzzzz...zzzzzzzzzz...zzzzzzz...."shit. damnit."@11.54am.....(door slamming)@11.56am."
. "I am Dr. Random. I like my dumb friends the best"
. "I would jump from the fucked boat, but there are hundreds of sharks circling the boat, the life preservers are made of concrete, and intead of water the ship floats on fire, yet there are still sharks. In short, I'm stuck on the fucked boat, which has no motor, so it floats atop the waves of fire hopelessly. Soon the water (fire) will burn a hole in the hull, and we will begin sinking. Deeper and deeper we will go, but there will be no bottom, just an endless abyss, and it will be hotter. The deeper we go, the hotter it will be and the more sharks there will be."
. "If for every rule there is an exception, then we have established that there is an exception to every rule. However, if we accept this as a rule, then we must concede that there may not be an exception after all, since the rule states that there is always the possibility of exception, and if we follow it to its logical end we must agree that there can be an exception to the rule that for every rule there is an exception. This is a perfect example of why existence is futile."
. "I know some people update their profiles all the time and I was thinking i should do that. but then i thought wow, i have more important things to do. then i thought gee, i really want to avoid them."
. "goldfish have a memory span of 3 seconds. Sometimes I think I rival them."
. "Did you know that no one knows why we yawn? That old wive's tale about the oxygen to the brain? Untrue. And why it's contagious? No reason either. I want to know why if it's so damn unuseful I still end up doing it all the time. Precious moments of concentration wasted. It's all a bunch of hooey."
. "Sleep is for pussies."
. "I wouldn't call it procrastination, I'd call it realizing how fuct i am and thinking that it doesn't matter how hard i work on it until i get scared at the last second and then working my ass off. yeah, that's it."
. "i lied. failing sucks."
. "have you ever been in class and had little blue bears come to dance with you and go to a field and play in the sunshine with butterflies only to have someone wake you up saying "get up! you are drooling on everything!". yeah, me neither."
. "Theory of Stupidity. Knowledge = Power ... Time = Money ... Work = Power * Time ... Substitute and solve for Money: ... Money = Work / Knowledge ... Regardless of work, the Limit of Money is Infinity as Knowledge approaches 0."
. "I missed the boat once when I was young and stupid, but now I am able to miss the boat repeatedly with great skill and accuracy."
. "A man is flying in a hot air balloon and realizes that he is lost. He reduces altitude and spots a man below on the ground. "Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?" the balloonists shouts.
The man below replies, " You're in a hot air balloon, hovering 30 feet above this field." "You must be a engineer, " says the balloonist. "I am," replies the man on the ground, "but how did you know?" "Well," says the balloonist, "everything you have told me is technically correct, but of no use whatsoever." The man reflects for a moment, then says, "You must be a architect."
"I am," replies the balloonist, "but how did you know?" "Well, " says the man, " you don't know where you are, or where you're going, but you expect me to be able to help. You're in the same situation you were in before we met, but now it's my fault."
. "call me cleopatra, cause i'm the queen of denial."
. "but! but! need brain for smart making!"
. ""idiot! this wouldn't happen if you had killed yourself after prom like i told you to!"~ andy richter controls the universe"

have something better? let me know... ++
++ i get in these FUNKS sometime as in, "boy my roommate has a funk" and during these funks i get absolutely nothing accomplished. for instance, look at my last three entries, three entries in an hour. and no studying. but i seem to find all these really funky websites. they are mostly websites about people and about their lives. don't believe me? they will put you in a funk as well. ... ... ... ... ... ... more to come. shouldn't i have something better to do? ++
++ yay! NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! i must sound like i am about ten years old. university of cincinnati has cancelled school twice in the past five years, once when i was a freshman, and now once as a graduate student. yay for ice. boo for homework. yay for one extra day to procrastinate in order to get the homework done. boo for chinese test on tuesday. yay for lack of school tomorrow! ++
++ so CHINESE is a bit harder and a bit more time consuming than i thought it was going to be and this is only the second quarter. my throat hurts and i have this cough which won't go away. oh yeah and instead of the 6 inches of snow which dayton got last night, we only got an inch of frozen rain. but i do have three portfolios out right now, one in san deigo and two in seattle. ring ring. hello? job please. ++