Tuesday, October 25, 2005


it's almost as though i haven't left the college life. (except of course i have. thank goodness.) (well wait, i liked college. after six years i think i finally got it my sixth year. maybe becau....wait, that's not what this post was supposed to be about. i'm out of college. it should be left at that.) (thank goodness.) (sort of.)

i'm packing up. moving on. .. across the river .. not the big river .. just the miami river. not out of ohio yet. hell, not even out of dayton yet.
just waiting for the right time.
'temporarily' and by temporarily i mean at least for another year until my new lease runs out i'm at the hawthorne school apartments. it's this old 1886 school, which got renovated 8 years (ironically by my office) into apartment units. still have the wood floors. still have the old school hanging lights. still have the stamped tin ceiling. still doesn't have an elevator. grr. in a historic neighborhood. the second oldest in dayton. i'm no further (or closer) to work than when i lived in the cannery. i get to cross a river and a bridge everyday on my way to work. i'll get to see the sun rise over the river. that's sort of exciting. it's a two bedroom. my unemployed roommate gets to play 'couch guy' for a while .. except in his own bedroom and not on a couch. it's just 'temporary'. i swear. cross my fingers.
just waiting for the right time....... ++

Monday, October 24, 2005


i am officially the project manager of the largest project we have in the office.* it's by square foot the largest project in the office.
it's also by revenue the largest project in the office.
(it's also the most convoluted in regard to scope of work and contracts.)

* = (this project is essentially completed. there are two and a half months left until project completion. the project is in construction administration. all major decisions have been made. in all reality, everything that is left would work itself out regardless of whether i made any additional decisions or not. essentially i have to make an effort to screw it up. however, i've messed things up before, so it's not copmletely out of the question.) (but still, i'm the 'point man' for the project.)
how scary is that?

Sunday, October 23, 2005



so much has happenned in just the past couple of months, even more so in the past couple of weeks.
do you ever get that sense that things are going to fast and you don't have enough time to process it all?
you start to make sense of what's going on, then you have to go to sleep or you have to go to work or time just moves and all of a sudden it's time. time to do something. whatever. it's just time and there is no time to think about it anymore. the things that aren't happenning to you will somehow in some aspect influence you or have some sort of affect on you. it's overwhelming. make you feel small again. not insecure. just unstable. like going on one of those playground spinny things that everyone did when they were small and holding onto the end while your friends spin it around as fast as they possibly can. you hold on. at first you focus on just one thing and try to hold that focus for as long as possible until you have to turn your head. you whip your head around to the right and immediately try to refocus on that one object. a tree. a car. your friend's face. some in the distance. anything to prolong the inevitable unstableness you know will occur when you get off. your friends tire of running or pushing the hunk of metal. or you jump off, not being able to take any more. you lie in the grass. look up. the white cloud posted just to the left of the midday sun. it starts to turn arond clockwise. you close your eyes momentarily hoping for it to stop. open eyes. turning. long blink. open eyes. it's back where it should be, but starting to turn again. eyes closed. you feel your body turn to the right. except you're laying on the ground. wait then, the ground must be moving to the left. impossible. you stand. open your eyes. everything feels as though it's leaning to the right. focus. 30 seonds go by. everything starts to slow down. you can think about anything .. again .. now that the world has stopped spinning. your head is a little hazy. as if you've just been the witness of the spaceship exploding. did you just see that? did that really happen? are you serious? dumbstruck. but not dumbstruck, you know what just happened. you saw it with your own eyes. they instantaneously replayed it over and over and over and over. its real. are you serious? now what? what happens next? your mind blanks. deep breath. grass. summer heat. friends talking. spinny thing behind you. thirsty. queesy stomach.
now what?

Friday, September 09, 2005



The left coast was great!

I left Friday morning from Dayton at 5.30am and flew in at 11.30am. We pretty much just went to outdoor stores (REI and AnyMountain) and went to Bay Street over in Berkeley.

Saturday we went bouldering down at Castle Rock State Park (about an hour and a half south), then went to Palo Alto (Stanford is there) and walked around downtown and ate. Palo Alto is filled with smart and rich people. I wouldn’t say beautiful people. but well dressed and they hold themselves well. Saturday night we met up with most of the college people out there, 8 or 9 of them. It was good to see all of them, briefly, but just the right amount of time.

Sunday one of our friends took us down to the Lin De Mar, down in Pacifica (about 45 minutes south), Pacifica is just south of Daly City which is just south of San Francisco. We went surfing out there for pretty much the entire morning and half of the afternoon. It was awesome! A little cold at first (even with the wetsuit), but you warm up, and the sun even came out! I’d have to say that was the most all body just exhausted I’ve been in a really long time. I’d equate it to maybe the first time I’d ever gone snowboarding. Later that evening we went up to Tiburon (just north of Sausalito, which is just north of san Francisco, across the golden gate, up in marin county) we ate at this little place called Guaymas. We met up with two other friends for dinner who I hadn’t seen yet. so we’re standing in line waiting to be seated and all three of them turn to me and say, ‘that’s george lucas!’ but with a quiet exclamation point. so I turn and blankly, rudely, (blatantly) just stare at this guy standing no more than 5 feet away from me. graying hair. beard. no taller than me. wife. daughter. little kid with a star wars t-shirt running around. I look back to my friends, ‘that’s not him. there’s no way that could be george lucas.’ he continues to wait in line. we go get seated. seafood dinner was amazing. sure enough I get back to heather’s place, do a google image search for george lucas and there are 10,000 hits of george lucas staring me in the face. it was him! ghiradelli ice cream after dinner topped it off.

Monday we went down to fort funston (far southwest side of SF, about a 3 minute drive from daly city) and watched hang-gliders go jump off a 150 foot cliff over a beach. that sport seems nuts to me. I want to try it! we watched them zip back and forth for a while. a walk on the beach. we watched people flying radio controlled airplanes around for a while. (that also seems like something that would be fun to do.) then it over to the beach chalet for lunch/dinner. seafood was good there as well, not quite as good as guaymas though. view was just as nice though. back to the city to walk around downtown one last time. a stroll through the newly renovated ferry building and then we met up with samee for another go at ghiradelli ice cream on the go. (about 5 minutes before I had to leave for the airport he arrive in the city. he had just gotten back from LA.) literally he came running across the street. we said hi and walked straight into the ice cream shop. ordered. then the three of us started walking (ice cream cone in hand) to heather’s to pick up her car. dropped samee off at his place, then to the airport. flight left at 10pm. red-eye. atalanta at 5am. 3 hours of waiting. never seems so long as it does at 5 in the morning. 8am flight. Dayton at 9.30am. and in to work at 10.30am.

it’s weird. every time I go back to SF it feels like home. sort of. you know, after you’ve lived someplace for 6 months, you are used to it. I already know the area. I don’t need to be entertained. I’m just there doing the local stuff. falling back into a routine. or checking out all the odd-off the beaten path (non-touristy) stuff. (That doesn't mean I'm going to move there. Don't get the wrong idea. You know who you are that I'm directing that comment to. I've just been there a lot times and so I feel comfortable.)

next trip, Taiwan in the beginning of December…++

Thursday, August 11, 2005


++ I HAVE POISON ivy and it sucks. no, no. not that poison ivy. the actual poison ivy. i went geo-chaching with hesse and cornell and thielman and got it while searching for an ammo box. after we went geo-caching, we went to the beach and everyone waded into the water except for me, so i assume if they did have it, they got it all washed off. not me. i get poison ivy (well i assume it's poison ivy. it's poison something) fairly easily. i swear i just see poison whatever and i get it. haven't found a good way to get rid of it, except go to the doctor and get some medicine (which is what i'm doing today). ++

Thursday, June 23, 2005


++ GOD BLESS THE people who are passionate about the things they do and surround themselves with. these are the people who push others beyond their limits of understanding and comprehension and compel them to strive and expand beyond the realm of habitual and customary limits. ++

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


++ BY FAR THE hardest thing i've done (or tried to do) today.

know your united states of america? ++

Thursday, April 21, 2005


just ridiculously busy lately (which is no excuse to not post i know, but an excuse none the less.)
work is well.
(breckenrdige was better.) icy, but colorado still.
soccer soccer soccer.
a golf league.
cards with friends.
sleep every now and then. (never enough)
more soccer.
building a table (out of a used bowling alley lane and railroad ties.)
never leaving work after 8 hours of work (man salary is not as great as everyone makes it out to be.)
i'll get back in shape here soon.
soon soon soon.
(hi lisa.)
(hi mike. it's your fault that i felt like i should write something again.)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


++ WILL BE BACK 03/08/2005. little weekend of snowboarding in colorado. ++

Thursday, February 17, 2005


++ I FIND NEW YORKERS, as a clear blanket statement, to be brash, pretentious, self-righteous, and for the most part look down at every other city. yeah i know this doesn't apply to all new yorkers. i'd even go so far as to say this doesn't apply to all new york city people. i even have friends in new york. i'll give them the benefit of the doubt. it's a great city. don't get me wrong. i like it. its exciting. it's one of the bigger cities in north america. but seriously, the world's second home? give me a break. pretentious a-holes. ++

Friday, February 11, 2005


++ FIFTH INSTALLMENT OF things recently heard at work..
"wouldn't it be a great valentine's day present to get the cd's (construction documents) done by the 14th?"

"m.u. (miami university) - have contract. will travel."

"how can we have a permit if we don't even have a p.o. (purchase order)?"
"how can we have a p.o. if we don't even have a project nunmber?"
"how can we already be done if we don't even have any of that?"
"it's done already?"

"i assume there is a reason why we are redesigning the site and jay is making pretty pictures."
"no. i just like to make pretty pictures."
"they're not that pretty."

"can we get jay to just go out there and hold it while it dries?"
"can i get ncarb (national council of architectural registration board) credits for it?"
"hey, its for a church. you can count it as community service."

"any lessons learned this week?"
"you can't have shit go into a smaller tube."
"smaller than what?"
"smaller than the tube it came from."
"if you do, you'll get constipated."

"god, and i've been hit by lightening twice today."

"and i'm having dinner with my wife tonight. that'll be another religious experience."

"creepy. no, super creepy. were you following me?"
"no, i was following rick."
"he's just trying to make sure we weren't drinking out lunch."

"why doeshe keep switching who he talks to."
"he's just happy to get things moving. he's just a happy guy."

"what scheme are we on now? e? f?"
"well jay called the last scheme, 'landscape blah'."

"if we don't have anything else better to do than play around on the internet, then we can clean out the flat files under the plotters."
and on that note, this fifth installment of recently heard at work will un-commence, until the the sixth installment of recently heard at work recommences.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


++ NO, I'VE NEVER been to london. yes, i want to go sometime. right now? eh. but in time.
this one is for all you londoners and especially for the ones i know. how many do i know, thats right, just one. you know who you are. ++

Monday, February 07, 2005


++ "THE DAY IS mine! ..." ++


Friday, February 04, 2005


++ IT'S A SNOWMAN running or rather rolling and jumping into a mini and getting style points for doing it. and its surprisingly hard. ++

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poo..wait. this has to stop.
aw poo..wait. this has to stop.
aw poo..wait. this has to stop.
aw poo..wait. this has to stop.
aw poo..wait. this has to stop.
no seriously.++

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


++ RECENTLY HEARD AT WORK the 4th installation.
“what happens when the contractor starts asking you to substitute what you’ve specified for something cheaper?”
"that’s where you stand up on your two feet and be glad you put starch in your pants.”

“if you aren’t here in 30 seconds, then you don’t get life insurance. i have the power to do it.”

“we don’t get president’s day off do we?
“no, We aren’t sure this democracy is going to last.”

“can you eliminate everything before where its says ‘start specs’? ok, now can you eliminate everything after where if says, ‘start specs’.”
“why didn’t you just tell me to type, ‘start specs’.”

“725 kingsridge retail Development, also known as britney spears.”

“so we’ve go to nudge him to move on the project. see, chad has him worried about fried chicken.”

“i think it is a misapplication of my talent. whatever that may be.”

“when you are at the site and you look around, the only thing you see is a sea of asphalt and wooden utility poles.”
“we spent about a million and a half dollars to get it to look like that. and now it looks better than when we started.”

“..imperfect symmetry.”

“they’ll probably hate it, but hey we own the property. they’ll get over it.” ++

Thursday, January 27, 2005


no wait, sherlock holmes, baby.
1. can you beat the number of times it took me to complete it?
2. can you beat the time?
5 times to complete it.
27 seconds on the 5th try.
(no cheating by trying to look at all the photos before you start the time.) ++

Thursday, January 20, 2005


++ MY BEST TIME so far 15 seconds. ++

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


'its tool time!'.
uh .. no.
but this clever little flash pogram does know what time it is at all times of the day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


++ DO YOU PLAY poker online?
do you want to know how to cheat?
well, i can't tell you, because i don't know how to. honestly, even i did know how to cheat, i'm not sure i'd want to. why? it's easy free money you say? yeah, but besides raking in money at will, what fun would it be? i can think of plenty of other ways to acquire large sums of money, those of which i'm pretty sure i wouldn't do either.
read about the different ways people cheat at online poker .. here. ++

Monday, January 17, 2005


++ A HOME COMPLETELY lit by light emitting diodes (LED) is supposedly the future of our built environment. i'm not so sure the light quality is the same. (not to saythat it is worse, just different.) yes, it cuts on energy consumption and cost and expenditure, but the effects on human productivity and efficiency and even how it affects the human psyche is both unproven and unstudied on such a macro scale. ++

Friday, January 14, 2005


++ WILL SOCCER SUCCUMB to the same kind of crap that has engulfed the NFL, NBA and the NHL?
the NFL has resorted to using television in its quest to capture the most audience and effort to steal the 'national pastime' away from baseball. instant replays and challenges and referee reviews are now the norm for professional football. its a rare sight to see a game pass without these new fandangled red flags being thrown one after another (usually by joe gibbs at his most inopportune time and undeniably in err every time.) everyone (including the players and coaches) sit down and take a '2 minute' free time-out to rest their weary bones. in fact new rules have been instituted and whole sections have been added to the rulebook about when and where you can and cannot throw the red flag (and at who and how high and so on and so on.) fine.
the NBA has utilized the referee instant replay for quite some time now. the claim is that the human brain is not fast enough to make 'important' decisions and cannot process information fast enough. the eye must visually see what happenned, send a signal to the brain where it must be processed before a decision and subsequent action can be made. for this reason, instant replay must be used to help aid the referee in his decision. fine.
the NHL has similar rules and laws of the game to help aid the referee in his decision making. fine.
will soccer also make this transition? lets hope not. soccer (as well as football, basketball and hockey) is a game played by people, who are inherently flawed and inherently make mistakes. the game should be governed and decided by the same, humans ... you know what, i don't even feel like trying to make an argument against this whole thing. i guess i'm just irritated that 'in the fairness of the game' that something which is considered a game (regardless of the skill level or level of play) might be brought to such a level where microchips and televisions must be brought in to 'make the game better'. call me a purist. yeah, i know there are arguments such as, "the game should be fair. lets do our best to ensure fair play. lets utilize the current technology to bring this to fruition" or, "humans are inherently flawed and as such cannot be counted on to make game-deciding decisions." or, "how would a human be able to decide the winner for most 100 meter sprints or 'photo' finishes at a horse race." fine. i concede to those two arguments. yes, it would be mighty hard (if not a guess) to decide winners in those arenas of play, but seriously, a soccer game? a football game, a basketball game? there's only one ball people. its not like you are looking at 10 people running at you or 12 horses galloping at breakneck speed. no, its a ball. hell, its a game. let games be decided by the participant's peers. if robots are playing, then let robots decide the outcome of events. if humans play, let humans referee.

oh yeah, this is what prompted the rant.

let's just play soccer and leave the microchips to the internet and mobile phones.
we don't need them in a soccer ball.
what's next?
microchips in humans to control their movements from the sideline?
better yet, we'll all just sit in a room and look through 3-d glasses and not actually move at all, but play the World Cup 2006 in Germany all through computers.
it'll save everyone money. ++

Thursday, January 13, 2005


++ TOP 25 INNOVATIONS of the past 25 years
as listed by CNN.
most of these for the most part i can remember as always being around and available to use. ..for the most part. ++

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


1. going to a public restroom wearing sandals when its raining. is it water? is it pee? seriously. stop splashing.
2. you order an iced coffee. he takes some ice and puts it in a cup. he pours the coffee straight from the pot and doesn't shake it up. cool, not cold, on the top. warm in the middle. still scalding on the bottom. what's that? at least shake it up. jerk.
3. cold showers in the winter. you're the last person up. its 7.30am. you need a shower. no, you really need a shower. hair is here, there, and everywhere else. you smell. bad. and its 7.33am now that you're done looking in the mirror at yourself. you've been up for 3 minutes, but your eyes have only been open for 1 minute and the light has only been on for 45 seconds. tired. a little cold. water on. clothes off. ah. hot shower. 30 seconds. squirt. lather. shit. water's getting colder. more hot water. less cold water. clunk. shit. water's getting colder. hair is foamy. water's past luke warm to just luke cold. rinse. faster. FASTER. shit. cold. ice cold. ice.
4. no toilet paper after a sloppy poop. enough said.
5. going somewhere and you've just arrived only to find the thing you were supposed to bring was left at the place you just departed from.
6. dead batteries.
7. no coffee in the morning.
someone else's most annoying list..

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


++ LAST NIGHT I watched my roommate iron his 8" cooking knife.
thats it. thats the wohle story.
here ironed one side. cleaned it. then turned it over and ironed the other side.
apparantly the knife was crooked.
gary's knife.++

Sunday, January 09, 2005


remember that insanely addictive game you used to play in elementary and junior high school when you needed to waste a little bit of time. oh yeah.
electronically brought to you. now without the teacher telling you to stop, this time honored tradition once again presented so you can waste your time again.

"flickball" ++

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


++ IT WAS FUN. got into CA on tuesday. left wednesday morning for squaw. snowboarded all day. left for reno to stay at circus circus. it started snowing in reno about 8. woke up the next morning at 7.30. 18 inches on the ground! I-80 was closed at the border. so we waited at the gas station/casino for 6 hours at exit 1. waiting for the highway to open. it didn't. back to reno for a nigght at the sands casino. a whole day and a half at the casino. lost $15. boo on slots. next morning called the nevada road conditions hotline every 15 minutes for a few hours. finally. I-80 is open. jump out of bed. ready to go in 5 minutes. in the car in 8. get to the ca/nv border. yup. highway is open. then it took another 4 hours to go 20 miles to squaw. chains on the whole trip. one of them breaks. thats alright. we can still drive. just 10 mph slower. base of squaw got 36 inches of powder last night. the top had 48. squaw by noon. on the lifts by 1. last run at 4. night ski a few runs. its cold as crap at 6.30 on mountain when the sun isn't up and the wind is blowing 15 mph. to the car! chains still on. although now with two chain link replacements. ah yes. 35 mph again. still gotta get over donner pass. good thing we ate before we left. can't see a car in front of me. can't see a car behind me. actually, now that i'm looking, can't see anything more than 15 feet in front of me. why isn't this highway closed? 30 mph. 25 mph. 20 mph. i think thats the edge of the road. oh. wait. thats definately the side of the road. steer back the other way. ok. well now we've found out how wide the highway is going at 20 mph. just stay in the middle. hour and a half later. i've balls now. i'm going 30 mph. i'm like superman. except i can't keep the snow from melting on my windshield and then freezing on the wiper blades. gotta stop again to chip the ice off the wipers. 20 miles to sacramento. finally! its now longer tons of snow. its now freezing rain and snow. oh yeah. much better. chains off. no more. now its just rain. tick tock. five and a half hours after we left its 11.57pm 31 december 2004. tick tock. there's sf. boom! double boom! must be midnight. goodbye oakland. hello .. treasure island. triple boom. happy new year! and we're stopped. not quite treasure island. not quite sf. oh wow, thats close. many booms. ok, lets go. time to start the new year by sleeping.