Friday, May 21, 2004

# 3 ..

++ 3. Soccer has been in my life since I was 5 years old.
i think that means that i have been playing soccer for longer than the incoming freshman have been alive. i actually stepped out onto the soccer field before they were born. how old does that make me feel? i have played on many different soccer teams and have played with many different people and i would have to say that i am the best soccer player in the entire world. the ENTIRE world. hands down. feet up. whoa. what just happenned. what kind of position would that put me in..oh right, a handstand. or is it come kind of weird perverted sexual position.. no, i'm pretty sure that can't be it. i've always played both spring and fall soccer and when i figured out that that wasn't enough, i started playing winter soccer as well. somewhere there was always a break, but i'm pretty sure it never lasted for more than a few weeks or so. and it was usually interspersed with some other or baseball. after i got to college, i scaled back on the soccer and its kind of been absent in my life until this year. i recently was re-united with my longtime we've been going on dates a few times a week, sometimes twice in a day at 5 different leagues. its been a nice run. i'm getting tired. we might have to go on a little break again.. ++

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