Thursday, February 17, 2005


++ I FIND NEW YORKERS, as a clear blanket statement, to be brash, pretentious, self-righteous, and for the most part look down at every other city. yeah i know this doesn't apply to all new yorkers. i'd even go so far as to say this doesn't apply to all new york city people. i even have friends in new york. i'll give them the benefit of the doubt. it's a great city. don't get me wrong. i like it. its exciting. it's one of the bigger cities in north america. but seriously, the world's second home? give me a break. pretentious a-holes. ++

Friday, February 11, 2005


++ FIFTH INSTALLMENT OF things recently heard at work..
"wouldn't it be a great valentine's day present to get the cd's (construction documents) done by the 14th?"

"m.u. (miami university) - have contract. will travel."

"how can we have a permit if we don't even have a p.o. (purchase order)?"
"how can we have a p.o. if we don't even have a project nunmber?"
"how can we already be done if we don't even have any of that?"
"it's done already?"

"i assume there is a reason why we are redesigning the site and jay is making pretty pictures."
"no. i just like to make pretty pictures."
"they're not that pretty."

"can we get jay to just go out there and hold it while it dries?"
"can i get ncarb (national council of architectural registration board) credits for it?"
"hey, its for a church. you can count it as community service."

"any lessons learned this week?"
"you can't have shit go into a smaller tube."
"smaller than what?"
"smaller than the tube it came from."
"if you do, you'll get constipated."

"god, and i've been hit by lightening twice today."

"and i'm having dinner with my wife tonight. that'll be another religious experience."

"creepy. no, super creepy. were you following me?"
"no, i was following rick."
"he's just trying to make sure we weren't drinking out lunch."

"why doeshe keep switching who he talks to."
"he's just happy to get things moving. he's just a happy guy."

"what scheme are we on now? e? f?"
"well jay called the last scheme, 'landscape blah'."

"if we don't have anything else better to do than play around on the internet, then we can clean out the flat files under the plotters."
and on that note, this fifth installment of recently heard at work will un-commence, until the the sixth installment of recently heard at work recommences.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


++ NO, I'VE NEVER been to london. yes, i want to go sometime. right now? eh. but in time.
this one is for all you londoners and especially for the ones i know. how many do i know, thats right, just one. you know who you are. ++

Monday, February 07, 2005


++ "THE DAY IS mine! ..." ++


Friday, February 04, 2005


++ IT'S A SNOWMAN running or rather rolling and jumping into a mini and getting style points for doing it. and its surprisingly hard. ++

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poop. he saw his shadow.
aw poo..wait. this has to stop.
aw poo..wait. this has to stop.
aw poo..wait. this has to stop.
aw poo..wait. this has to stop.
aw poo..wait. this has to stop.
no seriously.++

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


++ RECENTLY HEARD AT WORK the 4th installation.
“what happens when the contractor starts asking you to substitute what you’ve specified for something cheaper?”
"that’s where you stand up on your two feet and be glad you put starch in your pants.”

“if you aren’t here in 30 seconds, then you don’t get life insurance. i have the power to do it.”

“we don’t get president’s day off do we?
“no, We aren’t sure this democracy is going to last.”

“can you eliminate everything before where its says ‘start specs’? ok, now can you eliminate everything after where if says, ‘start specs’.”
“why didn’t you just tell me to type, ‘start specs’.”

“725 kingsridge retail Development, also known as britney spears.”

“so we’ve go to nudge him to move on the project. see, chad has him worried about fried chicken.”

“i think it is a misapplication of my talent. whatever that may be.”

“when you are at the site and you look around, the only thing you see is a sea of asphalt and wooden utility poles.”
“we spent about a million and a half dollars to get it to look like that. and now it looks better than when we started.”

“..imperfect symmetry.”

“they’ll probably hate it, but hey we own the property. they’ll get over it.” ++