Monday, June 30, 2003

++ I NEVER KNEW there was so much snow on mt. ranier. i mean i knew there was snow on ranier all the time, but i didn't know there was snow on ranier at the base of ranier all the time! saturday we went hiking on ranier, but not to the top, because thats a long way. but we hiked up a ways and it was snow for the entire hike! which is great, unless you are wearing tennis shoes, which could be alright if they were waterproof (which mine weren't) or maybe, just maybe alright if they weren't waterproof, but you decided to tie them, so no snow would get in (which mine also weren't). snow is cold. i forgot that. even if you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt and there are other people wearing just shorts and no t-shirt! we were only going to hike up a mile or so, until we saw the porta-potty up on the mountain on a ridge. what is a porta-potty doing 2 miles up on a mountain? yeah i don't know. but of course once we saw it, we had to hike up to it to see it! who wouldn't? and so it was locked. the hike back down (which was the same hike as coming up, except we were going down) we hiked right next to the nisqually glacier, which honestly you can't really tell it from just regular snow (or at least not this one.) (ok, maybe a little) and was much less hiking and more a conglomeration of running, slipping, sliding, glissading , tripping, falling, and jumping down the mountain. we built a snowman, which didn't last for more than an hour before someone decided to knock it down. !!. (billy!!!) ..

heather's birthday was june 29. if you know her, email her and wish her happy belated birthday! its her 23rd! we grilled hamburgers and had potato salad and chips, and more chips and an apple pie from marie callenders, yum! and ice cream and fudge. HAPPY 23rd HEATHER!!! ++

Friday, June 27, 2003

++ AND THE CAMERA won't get here until tomorrow. but since tomorrow is saturday and its being shipped to my office, i won't get it til monday.

what do you call a he-she cross dresser? .. .. .. .. .. .. a transformer. (its a knee slapper, i know.) ++

Thursday, June 26, 2003

++ I SAW A SIGN on the side of a budget rent-a-truck. it said, "moving tip #23. dolly, good. hernia, bad."

i bought a camera! .. to replace my old stolen camera. .. finally! ++

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

++ YESTERDAY I PARKED in a 4 hour only zone. meaning i can only park there by law for 4 hours before i must move my car. no problem. i parked at 7.00am, so ideally i should move my car by 11am. but the police never come to check at exactly 4 hours. they can't. they are way too busy checking other streets and writing stupid tickets. so realistically that gives me 4.5 hours, maybe 5 hours if i press my luck. so 11am rolls around. 11.30am rolls around. thats 4.5 hours. noon rolls around. thats 5 hours. now i'm starting to push my luck. but i'm hungry. so i eat lunch. well eating food and trying to remember something afterwards just doesn't quite ever work out .. so 5 hours later .. 6.00pm .. 10 hours since i first parked in the 4 hour zone i remember about my car. running. keys in hand. my car is still there at least. .. .. .. and .. .. .. no ticket! woohoo! yeah yeah, not a big deal you say. you've done it too. you've actually even done 10 hours in a 2 hour zone. someone else you know even did all day in a 30 minutes loading zone. blah blah blah blah blah.
have you ever done it directly across the street from the local police station?
ha. i thought not. i rule. dogs drool. ++

Monday, June 23, 2003

++ I WENT TO sedro woolley, washington. ever heard of it? yeah, probably not. its a small town. it has a population of about 8500 people. pretty small. well we stopped by the chamber of commerce to introduce ourselves to the mayor. she's a nice woman. we had to wait to talk to her though. she was on the phone busy helping out playing receptionist. does she not have enough other things on her plate to do as mayor of a city that she gets to go play telephone for a couple hours? ++

Friday, June 20, 2003


Thursday, June 19, 2003

++ VOLLEYBALL TONIGHT. hope it doesn't rain. looks like it might.++

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

++ MOVED DESKS TODAY at work. thats about as interesting as it got today. ++

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

++ LOOK AT ME! i was published on the mirrorproject experiment website.
which one am i? who was with me?
i might even qualify as quasi-famous now! ok, not really. .. .. ever.
(ok, actually s.s. took the picture. it was his camera. and i just submitted and posted it with his permission. makes me even less quasi-famous than i already am.)

on a more quasi-famous level, mr. michael graves.

"..His office has to move because its not ADA accessible so he can't get around inside it...
Just goes to show you, it's bad Karma to ignore ADA requirements.
" -j.k.

Monday, June 16, 2003

++ INTO THE OFFICE: 6.30. why? i don't know. beacuse i feel like it?
out of the office: 3.30. ah, much better. i see why now.

"just another reason to be thankful you have one more year of school ..
university of cincinnati bachelor of architecture and master of architecture --
11/60 : graduates with jobs / number of architecture graduates." -m.s.

i just realised when i stand on top of the roof at work i can see not only the space needle, but also bainbridge island, the cascade mountains and mount ranier holy crap that is one big mountain! ++

Friday, June 13, 2003

++ WHO LIKES HARRY POTTER? who can't wait for the new harry potter book to come out? ++

Thursday, June 12, 2003

++ THIS IS THE COOLEST ad ever. thanks m-aybe s-apphic. (i didn't do the ad. but its a very cool ad, so that should give it away i didn't do it.) ++

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

++ EVER HEARD OF croix? yeah, me either. a sign of me being a very young "architect" (so much so that i don't even know how to spell it). ++

Monday, June 09, 2003

++ MY HANDS HURT. more sun this weekend. more kayaking. more camping. more climbing. crack climbing. and now my hands hurt. (let the jokes fly.)
-crack kills.
-a crack a day is pain i say.
-got crack?
-crack addict.
-the crack is big enough to fit your whole fist in.
-i wish i hadn't lost that piece of protection in the crack.
-lots of tight cracks.
-wow, what a great crack! ++

Friday, June 06, 2003


At Heathrow Airport, an individual, later discovered to be a public school teacher, was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a compass, a protractor and a calculator. Authorities believe he is a member of the notorious al-Gebra movement. He is being charged with carrying weapons of math instruction. ++

Thursday, June 05, 2003

++ LAST NIGHT AT the climbing gym spewed jokes/riddles of the night over the loudspeaker. the best (only) five jokes/riddles of the night of...

1) - "you have a wine bottle and it is secured with tape. you do not have a corkscrew, a knife, or anything sharp to cut the tape. how do you indulge yourself with a libation of wine?"
2) - "charlie chromehead went walking without a hat, umbrella, newspaper, or rainjacket. he did not stop under any tree or canopy, yet he his hair did not get wet. how is this possible?"
3) - "you now have 3 apples and you take away 2 apples. how many apples do you have now?"
4) - "mr. funk and charlie are playing chess. both of them has won 7 games, yet there were no ties, forfeits, or stalemates. how is this possible?"
5) - "which family member does not belong in this group and why: father, uncle, sister, cousin, brother, aunt."

prizes to the first person to answer all five questions correctly. tag it. (on your right).

(and yes i know the correct answers. and yes i was the first to answer one of them last night. and yes i got a prize. it was a bouncy ball with a purple plastic toy octopus in the middle, which i proceeded to test out on the concrete last night and promptly lose. so no not to worry, you will not get a bouncy ball with a purple plastic toy octopus in the middle as a prize. it will be much cheaper than that.)

I'M ONLY EVIL. thank goodness. to be truly evil would be bad i'm thinking. probably real bad.

woohoo! i appear to have added RSS to my blog! i know only that it lets me do some more fancy archiving stuff and searching stuff. and that it makes my blog look legit now. (which i'm not, i could still be called a poser) but yay, go me! now if only more people besides me looked at it i might consider it a success! only in time...++++

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

++ POPSCICLES ON A HOT DAY, ok not hot for the rest of the united states, but hot for seattle and hot for my office, which sits up on the third floor of an old car dealership, which has no air conditioning and minimal cross ventilation, means popscicles on the company! so yummy and cold. sailing was fun yesterday. i didn't much do anything other than free-load a ride around lake union for the entire three and a half hours we were out on the boat. no wait, i take that back. i got to go spot for half of the race. aka, sit out on the front ofthe boat and make sure we don't hit any other boats, hence the name "duck dodge". its actually really sweet, the race. there are about 70 boats racing around this little bay and everyone is trying to be as fast as they can without hitting anyone else. luckily we only managed to barely scrape by a boat. nothing major. i didn't see anyone ram into another boat either. i did however see a guy who had transformed his kayak and put a bicycle contraption strapped to the kayak. we were racing around and he was riding his bicycle...on water! it was amazing! and what really made it was on the front of his bike/kayak/contraption, there was a milk crate and his dog was riding in it! picture middle of the lake. 70 boats whizzing around left and right, in and out, between each other, a guy on a bicycle with his dog in it, many other people in kayaks and canoes and then this little float barge, maybe no bigger than 8'x12' wide, with four people sitting on chairs around a table eating dinner by candlelight! amazing! the best part was the float had a gas burner underneath the table so everyone's legs would stay warm. there was a tablecloth on the table, there was vase with a flower on the table, there was a little makeshift grill and they were sitting there floating around eating dinner! oh yeah and everyone is rich...obviously otherwise they wouldn't be out there i suppose. but some of the boats are geogeous! dave's boat was about 45 feet long and he says it could hold as many as 30 people. huge. oh and to get to the race on lake union (which is really a small bay) we had to go under a bridge which had to raise for us to fit under. we tooted our air horn and up went the bridge. pretty spiffy. next week i hear is a costume party for duck dodge. i think everyone will be clothed in disco wear, racing around a lake! hilarious! ++

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

++ THE BEST THING about spilling coffee on yoruself is that you smell like coffee for the rest of the day. however, the bad thing about spilling coffee on yourself is you have spilled coffee on yourself. today i managed not only to spill coffee on myself, but that which coffee which fell from my glass, knocked off of my desk, by my hand, which did not land on me and my clothes, spilled into my bag, which is waterproof, which is good if the liquid substance lands on the outside of the bag, however bad and doubly bad if the liquid lands inside your bag, for the liquid does not soak through. it spills in the bag, it stays in the bag, and it soaks everything in the bag. and then it smells like coffee for the rest of the day. ++

Monday, June 02, 2003

++ I'M A BIT BURNED, from this weekend. heather is past fire engine red and borders on the crimson red, the only difference being she is in seering pain and i'm just darker now. the perks (one of some) of being asian. smith was hot. a long drive (6 hours) but worth it. we slept in the car (again) on friday night after we got there, because we wer eboth too tired to pitch the tent. i bought lots of trad climbing gear (because i can't afford it, so i did) abd didn't use it. but i will soon. heather did some leading on sport, which was awesome! she was too scared at first to lead, but she just needed some good easy warm-up routes to get going and then it was off to the races. half of it is fear. its not that either of us can't climb 5.9. we are just too pansy of falling, so we get wussy. and really wussy, so much so that 5.6 and 5.7 seem scary. heather did her first multi-pitch route, granted it was a sport climb, but still, multi-pitch and it was very cool. we ticked off five climbs in a day and a half, which now that i think about it doesn't sound like much. but it was plenty to make me good and tired.

upcoming schedule:
.today-climbing (stone gardens)
.tuesday-sailing (duck dodge)
.wednesday-climbing (stone gardens)
.thursday-archichoke/enginerd volleball league (thursday group. r1 schedule)
.friday-i don't know yet!
.saturday-REI free kayak demo
.sunday-climbing at leavenworth? ++