Thursday, February 07, 2008


++ I'M OFFICIALLY IN the heart of my late 20's. A list of 28 things I never thought I'd be doing right now. One for every year I've been alive.

01. Living in Seattle.
02. Working full-time for four years at various architecture offices.
03. Have a place that I own.
04. Commute daily to work by walking.
05. Have a cadre of Persian friends.
06. Play flag football literally under the Space Needle.
07. Referee indoor soccer.
08. Use an umbrella instead of rain jacket.
09. Own a Blackberry.
10. Have a vast majority of my male old school friends be married.
11. Have none of my female old school friends be married.
12. Be tired of road trips and pick flying instead any day.
13. Be in not one, but two curling leagues.
14. Have a Washington driver's license.
15. Have Washington license plates.
16. Be registered to vote in the State of Washington.
17. Know someone who has bought and donated an art installation at the Seattle Art Museum.
18. Be the the 'old guy' on any soccer team, let alone two of them.
19. Be the only person in the office with ties to Ohio.
20. Have other native Asians work in the same office.
21. Be in a relationship with a girl from Washington.
22. Consider myself a left coaster.
23. Not be disappointed, not necessarily happy, but not disappointed when it rains.
24. Only monetarily able to visit my family a few times a year.
25. Think 85 degrees outside is hot.
26. Think 35 degrees outside is cold.
27. Find solace in a tall drip.
28. Know I'm headed down the 'right' path to wherever I'm headed. ++

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


++ FINALLY GOT MY Washington driver's license today. Finally. Getting to the DMV wasn't a problem. However, waiting for an hour and eighteen minutes was a bit cumbersome. Well, that and the fourty-five dollars it cost me. I'm slowly switching out old Ohio stuff for new Washington stuff. Last year was the license plates. This year is the driver's license. Oh, also last year was the new condo, well, not new new, but new for me. Oh yeah and last year was switching my voter's registration from Greene County, Ohio to King County, Washington. Who knows, next year I may even finally switch my telephone number from a 937 number to a 206 number. No, that's crazy talk. ++