Friday, May 21, 2004

# 4 ..

++ 4. I have known my oldest best friend longer than i have known my own brother.
so i've known my oldest best friend since i was 2 years old. my brother wasn't born until i was 2 years and 9 months old. granted i've spent more time with my brother and we grew up in the same househould and family. but my oldest best friend might as well of been a part of the family. he was over enough that sometimes when i was growing up i would see him more than my brother. and you know what, i don't actually know what my brother did during the day in the summer when my oldest best friend (obf) and i terrorized those ants with fire. oldest memory is riding big wheels down the hallway and crashing into the wall. every big wheel we ever had had a hole in the front tire. things only got worse from there. shoe throwing in the mornings as a wake up call. music wars over hte phone (even though i really didn't know of any music.) engine starter and a match. origmai paper balls, gasoline, a long string and a match. countless games of kickball in the court. two hand touch football in the court. capture the flag in woods. riding bicycles everywhere. scars from bicycle crashes. 'breaking' into the stadium so we could go sledding down the hill. enough soccer games to constitute a lifetime. punching the other team and headlocks. a friend punching my obf (the only time i have ever seen him cry. it must have really hurt.) nintendo. bases loaded and double dragon o nthe nintendo. fire. enough said with that. sleepovers. goalies follies. wars with the little toy men, i can't even remember what they were called, but i do remember they hurt a whole hell of a lot when you got hit with them. fireworks. adam sandler on my stereo in my room when his first cd first came out (before they put ratings on all the music and anyone could buy anything.) paper routes. more bicycle injuries. more scars and scabs. running over the summer to get back into shape. putting things to float in a the pond and then taking rocks and trying to sink them. a feeble attempt at tennis one summer. roller hockey. home-run derby. bottle rockets. wrestling matches in the side yard. adam's. mike's. brian and john's. jessica and aaron's. chad's. insani's. saunder's. four-square. a tournament bracket with only 3 people for ping-pong that makes the ncaa b-ball tournament look small. never finishing the tournament. winnie. an absence of a few years where my obf did his own thing and i did my own thing. rock climbing. drinking at some elementary school. more ping pong. toilet papering. sporking. ha, a homecoming dance i think it was or maybe it was a sadie hawkins dance. clifton gorge. uc vs. osu football game. aerosmith concert. man, the memories go on and on. this is just the tip of the iceberg. too many to write them all down.. ++

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