Friday, April 30, 2004


++ If you or anyone you know is hiring for the summer (non-salaried position) and want to hire a soon to be person with a masters degree in architecture, please email me or call me. i need a job. i'm not looking for a retail job. i'm not looking for a job in the food industry. i'm looking for a job in the architectural or engineering field. architectural prefebly, because i most likely don't know enough to be a productive engieneer employee. i also don't know if i would ever want to say i was a pseudo-engineer. that would hurt my soul. but then again, at the right price, anything is possible. hire me. please. ++

Thursday, April 29, 2004


++ Wednesday was tech crit/midterm reviews. i pulled my first all-nighter on tuesday for the first time since about 2nd year. well, technically i got 45 minutes of sleep on the couch in studio, but it was intermittent at that and its only because i was waiting for my drawings to plot. so, it was more like a nap and less like sleep. oh, and i was sitting, not laying down. but because i know you crits went well. i showed them a bunch of stuff they had not seen yet..something about two independent structural systems, one of 30" concrete sitting in a rubble trench with 30" of rammed earth on of the concrete and the second a free-standing roof supported by 40" glulam beams sitting on huge concrete footings, slipping through the walls. its quite beautiful in section how these two overly huge systems can work simbiotically in such a confined space in such an extreme environment. the committee asked some provoking questions and brought up several points which were both useful and of value. one more hoop to jump through and then its time to pomp and circumstance my way outta here. ++

Monday, April 26, 2004


++ "Look to your left. now look to your right. in front of you. and behind you. these are your classmates, but not the next six years. just for the moment. at the end of your six years here, only one of these people will still be your classmate." jerry larson said this to us at the freshman orientation 5.5 years ago. i can remember looking to my left and right and front and back and thinking, thats not going to be me. i'm not going to be one of the people who drop out. but then again, i think everyone thought that they weren't going to be the one dropping out. we all thought we were the superior self.
anyone not performing up to their lofty goals feel inferior to others, even if their goals are unattianable or ridiculous.
48 days left..++

Sunday, April 25, 2004


++ First day of classes: september 18, 1998.
current day: april 25, 2004.
completed days since the first day of classes: 2047
days left until the final daap graduation: 49
percentage of completed days til graduation: 97.66%
2047 days = 49,128 hours = 2,947,680 minutes = 176,860,800 seconds
2047 days = 292.43 weeks = 67.32 months = 5.61 years
three quarters of tuition of graduate school at the university of cincinnati: $11,373
days for three quarters of classes at the university of cincinnati: 264
cost per day to be a graduate student (just tuition.) at the university of cincinnati: $43.08
cost per day to be a graduate student (everything) at the university of cincinnati: i don't want to even calculate it. it would depress me.

Thursday, April 22, 2004


++ Can dirt ever be created or destroyed?
it accumulates. we 'clean' it up and toss whatever we used to 'clean' it up into the trash. so what does it mean really to 'clean' something? is it not really removing what is there and then applying a non-native replacement? think about it. we are merely moving dirt from one location to another. what does it mean to clean? isn't dirt really just another frame of reference which plays from our mind? what is clean to me isn't clean to you. if i were to buy a pair of new shoes and take them out of the box and then put them on my feet, would you consider those shoes squeeky clean and new? you might not even want to walk outside and instead wear them only indoors on carpet because you don't want to dirty up your shoes. now take those squeeky clean new shoes which are on your feet and sit down at the dinner table and prop your feet up on the table. chances are if you were at yoru grandparent's home or your parent's home or even better yet at any formal event, someone would scold you or yell at you and tell you to take your dirty shoes off the table. so what exactly does it mean to be clean? is everything clean and we just don't know it? maybe to be clean and dirty are the same thing. its only potential dirt or 'kinetic' dirt depending on your surroundings, the crowd present, and the situation. ++

Wednesday, April 21, 2004


++ Webster's dictionary defines the word housewarming:
"\House"warm`ing\, n. A feast or merry-making made by or for a family or business firm on taking possession of a new house or premises."
i wonder what is the origin of this word. is it to do with the social network of people invited to the housewarming? is it to do with something even more primordial such as actually having to do with inviting people over to the house for the purpose of warming the temperature of the space to a sufficient temperature? is it to do with establishing a meaning of place or to bring or introduce validity as a built environement or homeplace? is it to do with establishing social and community and personal ties to the building as a means of establishing identity? perhaps its just an excuse to party.
perhaps a better term would be homewarming. although i don't think i've ever heard of a homewarming party. always a housewarming party. this could have something to do with the house not yet being a home. although this brings infinite or questions and debates such as what is the difference between house and home. when does a house become a home? is a home always a house, but a house not always a home? ++

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


++ RON OLEVSKY ON racism..
"i do blame human nature and ignorance. too many of our citizens believe we live in a democracy. two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch is a democracy. we live (in theory) in a constitutional democratic republic where even minorities have rights, but people in a strong majority tend to get self-righteous and sanctimonious. The climbing community is not exempt from such behavior."
really? two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch is a democracy? thats quite the democracy afforded only to the bourgeoisie elite. is it possible for everyone to live in a democracy where they are wolves? how would this affect the dynamics of the social hierarchies in institutions such as the government, the university, your family? Perhaps this is already the democracy we live in now. of representatives, the senate, and the white house. majority rules.
..the faculty dictate to students what is due and when it will be due. the faculty respond to the deans who respond to provosts who respond to the president.
..children obey their parents, where in 'normal' families, the majority rule. whoever holds the bigger stake in the family (i.e.larger paycheck contributions) holds the larger making of decisions.
its almost a corporate bureucratic decmocracy where the bigger beat up the smaller, the larger win out over the smaller, the rich get richer, the poor poorer. how do you combat this so-called democracy where atrocities like this can occur with consequence? perhaps a return to grass-roots or a return to the small, mom and pop establishments. anything which can close the great divide. perhaps its not a return. if large corporate institutions are boycotted, what is to become of these global fixtures. this world, this society is one of an ever-widening globalization. this is the future. everything will eventually become one in the same some might argue. you cannot deny the existance of institutions. they are here to stay. so a mitigation or a regulation has to be in order to maintain this order.

Monday, April 19, 2004


01. Kettle Mania
02. Movie Theater Butter
03. Blast O Butter
04. Butter·Licious
05. White & Buttery
06. Crispy 'n White
07. Cheese Flavor
08. Healthy Pop Kettle Corn
09. Blast O Butter Light
10. Butter·Licious Light
11. Crispy 'n White Light
12. Sugar Corn
13. Healthy Pop
14. American's Best
15. Poly Bag Pop Corn ++

Sunday, April 18, 2004


++ PURGATORY FOR FOOD has to be that place in the middle of your throat (as oppossed to the side of your throat?) so how exactly does food get lodged in the middle of your throat? so far i've found at least three ways for that to happen.
1. you swallow something to big for your throat and then try to quickly eat some food. for example, you think one of thsoe plastic colored eggs should be small enough to fit down your esophagus. you shove it down your throat only to find it gets lodged right around where your adam's apple should be. quickly you run to your firdge and root through the shelves to find a real boiled egg in the side door. you crack it open and throw the egg down the hatch. nothing. it gets stuck in your throat, above the plastic egg. three whoopsies. for one, you have a plastic egg stuck in your throat, second the plastic egg is now dirty with real egg on it, and third you are wasting food. most likely if you haven't swallowed the plastic egg by now, its not going down and will have to eventually come back up, thus wasting a perfectly good egg (assuming you catch it in your hands to save).
2. you eat some good grilled fish and miss a bone, thus swallowing a fish bone and lodging it in your throat. you proceed with either more fish or corn on the cob or inevitably some other really good food and none of it goes down, because some fish decided he wasn't good enough to be a whale, so he grew small bones. its now in your throat and preventing you from eating anything else. the nerve of fish.
3. you actually somehow swallow food down your windpipe. this is a really bad one, because not only is it not going to be digested, but its going to eventually come back up your windpipe and it most likely hurts right now, will hurt as its coming back up, and hurt after the fact. and you've wasted food. again. idiot.
4. the food which once went down your throat nicely as good nice food should, has decided its not ready to be digested, so it takes a little detour and starts its return trip ticket option. your brain realizes it before its come to its final destination and for a split second is unsure what to to for the shock of food returning to its original point of departure is rare once you reach a certain age and are able to realize this. suddenly your brain kicks in and knows that the food hasn't passed customs and is being screened and fingerprinted because its definately a foreigner and tells the food to go back to its 'home'. for that one split second where its not quite here or there. that is the pinnacle of food purgatory. ++

Thursday, April 15, 2004

have infiltrated my blog. perhaps we should create another blog so they can post. however i'm afraid if i make another blog specifically so they can post, then no one will visit my blog, thus reducing my target crowd to me. .. which i suppose wouldn't be all that bad. losing gary and tom? nooooo. really?
pros: life would still go on. .. without gary and tom. i can write anything and not have it made fun of or sarcastically commented on (by gary or tom). i could not update it for lengthy periods of time and no one would notice (especially gary or tom). i could make fun of gary and tom.
cons: gary could be missed. tom, well, thats a different story, i'm not sure there is a con there, except for tom himself, a master of cons.
this one's for gary to give to tom.
perhaps a title for the new blog would be needing some suggestions in order to get it set up. and also a short description of the new blog. and also a suggestion of what the web address should be. (and if anyone else, samee, or any of jay's other friends would like to be included in this blog, they should comment on how much they would enjoy the screwed up sarcastic mentality of this insane crowd and i'll include them. but if they aren't going to contribute anything, its probably not worth their time to be included. i don't think. nor do i think it would be a good idea.) ++

Wednesday, April 14, 2004



Tom: How is your girlfriend Jay
Jay: heather.
Jay: is well.
Tom: She have a job yet?
Jay: nope
Jay: and neither do i
Tom: You?
Tom: Damn
Jay: and its great
Tom: I will visit your box
Tom: I am not afraid to admit I am friends with a hobo
Jay: i'll be expecting you
Tom: Just try not to shiv me
Jay: you better give me some money too
Tom: Hmmm...
Tom: We will see about that
Tom: You better dance real nice if you want money
Tom: I am not one to give money away for no reason
Jay: thats fine. you better not just give me change
Jay: you hceap bastard
Jay: bills only asshole
Tom: It depends on how nice your dancing is
Tom: I will not pay dollars for dancing that is only worth cents
Jay: what kind of friend to a hobo are you if you are gonna judge them by how good they dance?
Tom: "I am not one to give money away for no reason" - Tom.
Tom: You don't necessarily have to dance.
Tom: Just earn the money
Jay: then i wouldn't be a hobo
Jay: now would i
Tom: I merely suggested nice dancing as a method of earning dollars from me.
Jay: i'm not going to half-ass this hobo business
Jay: its either all hobo all the time or "being a responsible adult"
Tom: Maybe if you smell decent the day I visit I will bring your a sandwich
Tom: and some Mad Dog 20/20
Jay: now we're talking
Tom: I know what you hobos like
Jay: sex, drugs, and rock and roll
Tom: Um no
Tom: Cardboard, Mad Dog 20/20, and filth
Jay: ah yes. i forgot.
Tom: You need to learn these things if you ever hope to be a proper hobo
1.11pm ++

Tuesday, April 13, 2004



Matt: i'm thinking of getting a iguana
Matt: i'm looking up info on them
Jay: why?
Jay: why an iguana?
Matt: cause it would be cool
Matt: dogs are too expensive
Matt: i could also move an iguana easier
Jay: yeah, but they are so much cooler
Matt: i know
Jay: you gonna take your iguana out for a walk?
Matt: you can play with iguana's
Jay: really?
Matt: i could
Jay: does it fetch stuff for you?
Matt: i could walk it to class
Matt: it eats stuff
Matt: it has big claws
Matt: i could bring it too class and leave it on your desk
Jay: i'd hit it with big red
Matt: i don't know, i want a dog, but i can't get one right now
Jay: a cat?
Matt: i might start out smaller tho, and work up to an igauna
Jay: start smaller? like an ant farm?
Matt: no, i've had a cat when i was littlier
Matt: like a small reptile
Jay: a turtle?
Matt: i brougth down my old fist tank
Matt: no, like a 4-6 inch one
Matt: i don't really know what yet
Jay: that makes for a big ant farm
Matt: if i got an iguana i would have to get a bigger tank
Matt: hey, at the zoo, the ant farm thing is pretty cool
Matt: watching them work and stuff
Jay: i think its cool too
Jay: much cooler than an iguana
Jay: what do you feed ants?
Matt: i could feed the ants to my iguana
Matt: leaves
Jay: really?
Matt: i guess
Jay: thats it?
Matt: bread crumbs
Jay: seems like you should throw your iguana in there
Jay: show down
Matt: i wonder who would win
Jay: extreme animal showdown
Jay: seems like the iguana would eat the ants
Jay: just for fun
Matt: yea, but how many ants we talking
Jay: zoo size
Matt: are they angry ants
Jay: of course
Matt: do they have lasers on their backs
Jay: all ants have to be angry. make up for their lack of size
Jay: yes. every one of them
Matt: oh then i have to go with the ants
Jay: but the lazers don't do much.
Jay: the lazers are like a pinch
Matt: what if they made an ant fortress
Matt: combined with the lasers
Matt: that might work then
Jay: yeah, but the iguana can hide behind whatever is in there and use its tongue to attack around corners
Matt: true
Matt: but what if there is nothing to hide behind
Jay: plus just for fun it could step on the ants
Matt: what about flying ants
Jay: what if the iguana decided to pay down and roll back and forth on its back
Matt: you forgot about those
Jay: no flying ants. what do you think it is, the army?
Matt: too bad we dont' have swimming ants
Jay: those would be cool
Jay: the navy ants
Matt: it could be an all out assualt of flying, swimming, and land attacking ants with lasers on their backs
Matt: i don't the iguana would have much of chance then
Jay: yes. but no swimming ants
Matt: good thing there are no swimming ants
Jay: just a few flying ones. they cost too much.
Matt: or the iguana would be toast
Jay: they are going to have to discontinue the flying ants in order to continue to fund the war
Matt: what if they got beetles in on the act
Matt: these ants needs allies
Jay: this is extreme animal showdown. not extreme animal and ally showdown
Jay: you want that. change the channel.
Matt: i don't think iguana's are this bad ass that they need the whole force of the insect kingdom to attack them
Matt: alright
Matt: so normal ants versus iguana
Jay: normal iguana
Jay: i'll even give you lots of ants
Jay: and not just one
Matt: cool
Matt: what about red ants
Matt: those guys are nasty
Jay: as many ants as it would take to equal the mass of an iguana
Matt: oh jesus
Jay: red ants. black ants. i'm not racist.
Matt: red ants are mean
Jay: so are the iguanas if ants attack it
Matt: true
Matt: but a number equal to the mass of the iguana
Matt: that is a lot of ants
Jay: you gotta try to make it fair
Matt: i don't think the iguana could fend off that many ants
Jay: are all the ants attacking at once?
Matt: i don't know, ants are stupid
Matt: they might not attack at all
Matt: and just get eaten
Jay: its possible we could put them both in the tank and they would both just eat the lettuce
Matt: that would be the funniest death match ever
Jay: wouldn't be much of a death match. we'd have to turn it into extreme animal lettuce eating contest
Matt: then who eats the lettuce first
Matt: i go with the iguana
Matt: still
Jay: definately iguana
Jay: assuming it knows its racing
Jay: and it has to be hungry
Matt: man, there are so many variables
Jay: if its not hungry. i go with the ants.
Matt: what if the ants aren't hungry
Jay: if every ant took one bite, it could win first bite.
Matt: true
Jay: then it turns into the extreme animal staring contest.
Matt: i don't know if i would watch that channel anymore
Matt: what if you were shrunk down and had to go against the iguana
Jay: what if they stared at each other but whoever lost was fed to the hungry bear, which is waiting in the next tank
Jay: how tall am i?
Jay: do i have a weapon?
Jay: is the iguana a male or female?
Matt: the hungry bear,.... what if the winner of that was fed to the whale in the next tank
Jay: old? young?
Jay: that is one hell of a tank
Matt: what is the spread on all this fighting
Jay: 2:1 on the smaller creature
Jay: unless its neon green, in which case its 3:1
Matt: man if the ants win, this may turn out to be a cinderella story
Matt: ants beat iguana... ants beat bear... and ants versus whale in the final
Jay: yeah that whale is quite the number 1 seed
Jay: four years undefeated
Matt: no kidding
Jay: last year i was pulling for the antelope
Matt: that ocean is a good program
Jay: stupid antelope got pummelled by the toad
Matt: i was out of the tourney cause of that one
Jay: its a good thing the whale beat toad.
Matt: it was close tho
Matt: you have to admit
Jay: yeah it was.
Jay: down to the last bite.
Jay: whale had a whole year to recuperate and grow back its tail fin
Jay: it hasn't so i think it may lose second round to the starfish
Jay: the marine bracket is always a tough one.
Matt: those starfish, they grow there legs back too fast
Jay: i know. its ridiculous. i heard they were under investigation for cheating and illegal recruitment.
Jay: if they are guilty its at least a 3 year suspension of their program
Jay: which would be enough time for whale to grow back its tail or find a suitable replacement.
Matt: or for the tadpoles to become toads
Jay: oh yeah. very true.
Jay: yeah i wouldn't count them out yet
Matt: what about the sky league
Matt: any chance for them this season
Jay: i don't think so. they are always limited in the tank.
Jay: not enough room to fly. no angle of attack
Matt: see now we have a case of playing of nuetral court
Matt: that must be why the sky league always loses
Matt: they have to play in the hometown tank of the marine league
Jay: well they still haven't contested the rules yet.
Jay: i mean if you never petition for unfair play or rules, of course you're never going to get a neutral site.
Matt: i think the wise owl is working on that
Matt: i'm mean what else are these animals thinking about out there
Jay: girls.
Jay: obviously
Jay: boys for some
Matt: its not food... it the death match tourney every year
Jay: what else are they gonna do?
Jay: go work in an office cubicle?
Jay: not a chance. its either eat sleep or screw.
Matt: that animal is stupid
Matt: so are you bringing the ants to this competition
Jay: no. i'm gonna stick with the iguana this year
Jay: blends in nicely with the background.
Jay: who are you bringing?
Matt: probably the bear
Jay: you gonna bring your penguin again like last year?
Jay: your pet did well against the zebra. scared it to death if i remember right.
Matt: that's always a tactic
Matt: no one every stipulated that you had to physically kill the other animal
Matt: scare tactics are fine
Matt: too
Jay: i called bullshit. but that was denied
Jay: at least its in writing this year
Matt: the owl is working on those rules too
Jay: about time
Jay: stupid owl.
Matt: i think we might have another reality show on our hands
Matt: we should talk to fox
Jay: already did
Jay: your bear is going down
Matt: lets just make sure your iguana doesn't cheat this year
Matt: later
7.10PM ++

Monday, April 12, 2004



CNN: What do you think of the state of the world today?

CARLIN: It's a big freak show. You gotta just enjoy it. That's my attitude. The human race is destroying itself slowly and it's wonderful to watch. It's being led by America, which has all the money and the power and the guns. We're all given a ticket to the American freak show the day we're born and some people, they put their ticket away. Me, I watch the show. "

excerpted from CNN interview..

Thursday, April 08, 2004


++ IT WAS LIKE the alamo, minus the alamo.
thesis defended. document signed.
one more hoop to jump through, then it's graduation time.++

Wednesday, April 07, 2004


++ MY FRIEND SENT me this chat he had with a random person.

cuteguy23030: hi
very straight guy friend: hello
very straight guy friend: who's this?
cuteguy23030: ummm
cuteguy23030: just a cute young columbus male
cuteguy23030: why
very straight guy friend: ok
cuteguy23030: your pic is hot
very straight guy friend: that's nice, I'm straight
very straight guy friend: but thanks for the compliment
cuteguy23030: oh ya
cuteguy23030: wanna chat? BUZZ!!!
very straight guy friend: not really, I'm trying to meet girls
cuteguy23030: you met any yet BUZZ!!!
very straight guy friend: couple
cuteguy23030: what happened
cuteguy23030: were they cute
very straight guy friend: nothing yet
very straight guy friend: we'll see
cuteguy23030: cute or average looking
very straight guy friend: mostly average
cuteguy23030: i make a cute woman in bed
very straight guy friend: that's nice, bye
lol. ridiculous. of all my friends to which that would happen to, this one is the funniest.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


++ THINGS TO DO after graduation in no particular order.
01.move away from here. a new car. and build my own house.
04.construct a climbing wall in my new (or used) house. nice furniture (or design and make my furniture).
06.move again.
07.get a job. off all debt.
09.wear nice clothes.
10.rock climb.
12.visit 'over there' (as oppossed to over here).
13.really learn to sail, not just pretend i know how to sail.
14.tour in a kayak for a few weeks.
15.get married.
16.have a child or two.
18.uncover the meaning of life (or why i am here or the meaning of my life or who am i) well. sleep well. play well.
20.not use cliche quips.

what else am i missing? i know there's more, i just can't think of them right now..++

Monday, April 05, 2004


++ MY FAMILY DOESN'T want me to go to san francisco. they have found every reason for me to not to go there. everything from cost of living is too high, to the morality of the people who live there, to i won't save anything, to its a very liberal city, to you name it, they've probably told me why i shouldn't or why its not a very smart or why its not financially responsible. so why should i go then if everyone tells me its probably not the best decision i've ever made in my life? because i believe it is the right decision for this moment in time. because its a challenge and i want to see that i can do it. because i want to prove them wrong. because i can.
day 6 of my hurt hurting. no chills anymore. and no fever. those are good things. i have found the redeeming qualities of my throat hurting believe it or not. i have to take tylenol and ibuprofen to keep the swelling of my throat down and to reduce the pain so i can swallow my own spit. those medicines no matter how much i take will only stop the pain for 6 hours maximum. so after 6 hours it wakes me up whether i want to get up or not. no snooze buttons on that. so i now have a built in alarm clock. how kind. ++

Friday, April 02, 2004


++ PART THREE OF my throat hurting. woke me up again in the middle of the night last night. chills and everything. i really do think i'm starting to get sick. no, no, i know i'm sick in some way or another. ++

Thursday, April 01, 2004


++ MY THROAT HURTS so bad, it wakes me up in the middle of the night and just as i'm falling back asleep, i remember i have to swallow my saliva. stupid saliva. ++