Thursday, May 20, 2004

# 2 ..

++ 2. I like television to much to give it up, even if i don't have cable.
i went to san francisco without a television. the guy who lived below me had an extra television and said i could use it until i left. i went to seattle and all we had was a television without cable. its almost annoying to think of how much snow and fuzz was on that television, yet we still watched it. i went to san francisco a second time and would go to best buy in order to watch television, before one of my roommates finally caved and bought a television. sometimes i leave studio and go home just so i can watch television. sometimes i get up out of bed just so i can go sloth out on the couch in front of the television. sometimes i stop cooking so i can go watch something on television. sometimes i stop mid sentance so i can listen to a funny line in a sitcom. sometimes i hang up on people because i'm watching a show. sometimes i make coffee so i can stay up later and watch television. sometimes i drive over the speed limit so i can make it back soon enough to see the beginning of a show. man, i'm hungry. ++

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